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  1. thmota


    ATV1960 Hello I have a Mygica ATV 1960 Sn MG 796018120879 I have been comparing my box with the new BUZZ TV units and they are really similar can I upgrade the O/S to BUZZ TV units?
  2. thmota


    Upgrade Hello I have a Mygica ATV 1960 and it looks very similar to the specs of the Buzz tv units... can I upgrade to BUZZ TV please
  3. ATV1960 Hello I have a MYgica ATV 1960 which likes to shut off for no reason I have tried a new HDMI Cable and 2 different TVs same thing It's like it gets hot and shuts down and makes a loud noise Attached is the receipt, please advise Tony Mota thmota3@gmail.com 4164366793 receipt-814810577-57213374.pdf
  4. NO CONTACT/ NO REPLY Well well, I have been experiencing issues with both my ATV 1900 Pro & ATV 1960 I have been on the Mygica site & the people that bought Mygica - Buzz TV site to no avail So stop wasting your time, they have no time for you!!! Move on, let's all try Nvidia products same pricing as Mygica....but has support
  5. thmota


    ATV1960 Hey folks my ATV 1960 will not play through My Yamaha V3900 Receiver, however my ATV 1800 & ATV 1900 will is this a Box Issue?
  6. thmota

    Mygica 1900ac

    Mygica 1900ac Hello, is there a 7.1 upgrade for my 1900ac running 5.1 ?
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