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    ATV1960 Hello I have a Mygica ATV 1960 Sn MG 796018120879 I have been comparing my box with the new BUZZ TV units and they are really similar can I upgrade the O/S to BUZZ TV units?
  2. thmota


    Upgrade Hello I have a Mygica ATV 1960 and it looks very similar to the specs of the Buzz tv units... can I upgrade to BUZZ TV please
  3. ATV1960 Hello I have a MYgica ATV 1960 which likes to shut off for no reason I have tried a new HDMI Cable and 2 different TVs same thing It's like it gets hot and shuts down and makes a loud noise Attached is the receipt, please advise Tony Mota thmota3@gmail.com 4164366793 receipt-814810577-57213374.pdf
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