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  1. Well so much for that! MyGica tells me I will get better support here than they can provide - Ha!Ha! In any event, it appears I was sold a refurbished box! I pulled the board to see if there might be something obvious. There was. The HDMI connector has obviously been re-soldered, And very poorly at that with solder being laid down even on to the ground contact that runs around the board edges. So much for QC.
  2. Upgrade issues after crash My 329x out of the blue apparently stopped sending HDMI signal @ 720p/60Hz - No Signal. Tried on 3 other sets with multiple known good HDMI cables and got the same response. I should note that none of my TV’s support better than 720p. One has HDMI(MHS) capability. In any event I headed here to check on possible solutions and applied the current Android 7 firmware from this site. Despite what appeared to be a good install, now on start up I see a screen message indicating resolution is 1080/60Hz on the MHS capable set and ‘incompatible format’ displayed on the other two sets. On the MHS capable set, it boots to a scenic sunset with a large stylized N then I see a quick flash of the multi coloured boxes and then it begins cycling alternately through grey static, to black or occasionally solid blue, to a quick flash of the Language setup screen associated with a factory reset. On at least two reboots, I eventually got a startup language screen that was at least accessible though the video display had a lot of various coloured horizontal lines running across. On both these ‘successes???’, I stepped through language, date/time zone, set resolution to 720/60, and connected to network. At this point the box in-prompted began to download “ROM Update V002S901_20180821” which completed successfully and went to an auto reboot. I experienced exactly the same video issues as the initial firmware update introduced only this time, I see an occasional flash of the Home Screen so I know it has booted up OK. I also tried using the Geniatech stock Android 7 firmware for MyGICA and get exactly the same results and have reverted back to the version available here. Unable to downgrade to Android 6 - thanks Google It almost seems default resolution is set to 1080p/60 in the firmware. Anyone have any thoughts about where I go next?
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