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  1. @Kim Emmanuel I never got it to work either; not with the original drivers from the website nor with the newer ones posted above. Nothing out of the IT9910 device but blackness as you mention. Originally I had bought it to rip 8mm tape to digital video (it's didn't do a great job of that either sadly). I was hoping to get it to function in place of a webcam for meeting, but no luck. At this point, I've invested more time an effort than a decent capture card or webcam would have cost.
  2. @zxl That link gives a "The file you are trying to download is no longer available" error. @Baldjy posted a ZIP file containing drivers in another thread, but I had no luck getting those drivers to work. See:
  3. @almudineto There is a recent post with drivers over in this thread: I haven't had any luck getting OBS or VLC to work though. If you do manage to get this working, please post as I think there are a few people that would be interested
  4. Thanks Baldjy. Something's still not right. With those drivers it now appears as a "Roxio GameCAP HD Pro" in my device manager. VLC and OBS Studio see a "IT9910 Capture Filter (HD)" but neither can seem to pull any video from it. Recording to a USB device works though.
  5. @zxl if you still have those drivers I'd love to have them. Those older mega.nz links seem to have expired
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