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  1. I just looked at the back of my box for the 495Max and it lists the mygica.tv website, my bad. You'd think the guys from mygica.com would have sent me a response saying I was going to the wrong place for mygica support. Weird...
  2. Thanks, I just created a ticket. I hope these guys respond... I used this website to ask for help and I send the support@mygica.com an email. I guess they aren't valid? https://www.mygica.com/contact_us/
  3. No response from support? Hi, I've been trying to get support for my 495Max since it seems to have bricked in April. I took it to the store and the store were I bought it from but they couldn't get it past the Android screen but suggested I contact MyGica since I purchased it in May 31st, 2019 and it was still under warranty. I used the website and left a message with my contact information and the problem with my unit. I just sent them an email and now I'm hoping to get a response from the MyGica via the forum. Anything else we can do to get our unit fixed or replaced? Dave
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