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  1. Hi @Milan - Syntech Could you kindly help me with the FW for 7.1.2 update for my ATV1960? In my attempt to get Showmax to work, I seemed to have bricked my device. Thanks
  2. MyGica ATV1960 stuck on red power display Light Hi I have an Android 6 MyGica ATV1960. Been having power issues where i would need to remove and re-insert the power cable in order to switch it on. That is now not working and the box is stuck on the Red power light display. I have checked the power adapter and that seems to be working perfectly. I have tried to do a hard reset by, removing the power cable, pushing in the reset button and reinserting the power cable while holding down the reset button for over a minute. Nothing happens. I did not try any firmware upgrades, hard or software upgrades. I just want the box working. Can you please advise on a workable solution?
  3. Jitz

    DRM error

    Are we still waiting for a response to this?
  4. I have the same problem. Have you had any solution?
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