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  1. Dstv Now apk for android nougat 7.1.2 Good evening, I need help, I used to until just now recently, 2 weeks ago, had dstv now working on one of my Android devices in the car, the device is an uncertified Google device, although it used to work with catch up, the live tv didn't work, which was fine for me, the device is an Android Nougat 7.1.2 uncertified Roik10 device, it worked with Dstv Now older version 1.36.4 which was an apk you can download from google, it's not available on the device's playstore when you search, please can you help in advising which version of Dstv Now this android device will work? It allows you to download this version 1.36.4 and I can see all the shows, although as soon as I click on any show, it gives me the error, video is currently unavailable [404] -[:17825792:-1015:0] it used to work, it recently stopped working. I hope to get some sort of solution. Thank you.
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