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  1. atsc cvct (FTA Tuner Loader) update atsc cable signal not working please update Please update so that it can be cvct instead of atsc tvct I can't use it because I bought 3 a681 to use it on Android. Please update.
  2. a681 Android app The over-the-air signal is caught, but the cable signal channel is not searched. Can you update the driver source code or app? When I see the setdvbmode function in the fta loader app, why not use it? If you can provide the source code, please send it by e-mail.
  3. A681 android cable signal search not working a681 Android 앱 공중파 신호가 잡히지 만 케이블 신호 채널이 검색되지 않습니다. 드라이버 소스 코드 또는 앱을 업데이트 할 수 있습니까?
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