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    Android TV 9

    Kindly provide the STOCK ROM which works with the burning tool. I also bricked my box while updating to OS9. During update the screen went blank and stupid box showing orange light now.
  2. Pingu

    atv495max bricked

    Kindly provide the copy of the stock firmware. Its not user's fault if the Beta OS9 ROM update bricked the box. So be kind and provide the Stock ROM image which will work with the burning tool.
  3. Would you mind sharing the file please. I bricked my 495MAX while updating to OS9.
  4. Please share the original firmware file if you can. I bricked my 495max and cant revive it without file.
  5. Please can anyone share the ATV495Max stock firmware. I contacted Geniatech and they said they will give me file but its been months and no one replied back.
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