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  1. ATV1967 remote wont power on Hi, Watching Netflix through the Mygica 1967 and all of a sudden the remote would not work. I plugged it into the USB charger because I thought maybe the battery was flat but it never came on. I have waited some time, changed chargers but no lights come on the remote. Is there anyone who might be able to assist please? At one time it was working and then next it wasn't I'd appreciate any advice please. Thanks you Colin
  2. Device password Trying to reset my ATV1960. Under: Settings/ Reset It asks for 'device password' I never set one up. Is there a default or a way to find it please? Thanks Colin - Cape Town
  3. Hi I have the ATV 1960 running Android 6.01 Is there any recommended upgrade on this and if so what is now optimum? Thanks Colin - Cape Town
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