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  1. Does the A681 ATSC HDTV USB Stick work with the ATV1960? It looks like my ATV 586, which has a built-in ATSC tuner, needs replacing. I am wondering if I should look at either the ATV 495 Pro HDR or the ATV1960 as a replacement, in either case with the A681 ATSC Tuner USB Stick. I have seen Mygica materials stating that the A681 works with the ATV 495 Pro HDR. I have not seen it confirmed about the ATV1960. Does anyone know if the A681 does work for sure with the ATV1960 - and does it work well as a tuner? Has anyone had experience with the A681? I was pleased with the tuner strength of the ATV586 - not quite as strong as my old Channel Master CM7000 converter box, but pretty close. Can anyone say if the A681 is as good (or better?) a tuner than the one built into the ATV 586? Is the A681 the best ATSC tuner model that Mygica offers? Thanks!
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