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  1. Psstt....... Hey hanke. Guess who got it working? Opened up everything - bridged the reboot button with a screwdriver - used the SD card formatted to boot up. Factory restored to 1800 1st. Then 1900 update to lollipop. Now in again. Screw technology! Man 1: Box 0 Good to have a talking human to try things with. My thanks.
  2. Yeah, seems mygica itself has abandoned this type of support. I am opening it up and checking on the buttons. While I enjoyed the use of this for about 4 years, I doubt I would rebuy this brand given the problems.
  3. I shall do so. A follow-up question: What do you think about a problem with the 'Stand-by' button on the front of the unit? When it is pressed and held for 15 seconds (ish), I get a black screen and solid green light only. Do you think the unit is stuck in 'stand-by'? This is the only different result from booting str8 into Lollipop that I have ever obtained. As I am going to open it up anyway, should I make sure the front 'Stand-by' button is not engaging constantly?
  4. As it is unbootable past Lollipop right now, it won't hurt to open it up and see if the reset button is discombobulated. If it also fails I can also pull the circuit boards and use them for high-fashion décor somewhere.
  5. Yeah its a 2 gig SD and a 4 gig SD and a 1 gig SD. All tried. All failed. Always str8 into Lollipop without so much as an instant delay. It will make a nice addition to the trash pile.
  6. Thanks Hanke, Just having someone respond makes me feel I am not alone on this. I have formatted 2 SD's to Fat 32. Each loaded with the .zip files (unzipped). When holding in reset (at the back) and plugging in, I go right to Lollipop screen - no waiting, no delays. From there (even after lights flash red to green 10 x's) it just stays on Lollipop. Do you think I can access it via USB-USB cable in order to load .img file/reset ? I noted that on the AT1800 factory reset files there is a dd.exe and uboot_MX.exe that the readme says should be run. I assume this is part of making the SD bootable. Is there another way to make the SD bootable (or is it needed at all?)
  7. I'm guessing no one is going to respond to this for me. Perhaps this board is basically abandon-ware.
  8. Cannot enter Recovery Mode Problem: Stuck on Lollipop screen. 😒 Read solution: press reset button at the back and plug-in power to get to recovery menu while using a formatted (fat32) sd card with the unzipped provided upgrade files (in the root directory). Problem remains: cannot actually enter recovery menu. 😒 Thus: Still stuck on Lollipop screen and am unable to re-flash either with SD card or USBs Any solution for getting into the Box's Recovery Menu??? (Please do not repeat hold-down reset button and plug in again - it has been done 100 x's to no avail - still won't get past Lollipop screen). Was working fine a few days ago - no updates/changes were made to it.
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