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  1. Hi Milan. May I have the update as well. Can't seem to log a ticket on the Mygica site.
  2. Sorry meant Widevine L3 not Windvine.
  3. ATV 1960 - Windvine L3 Hi All, I've had the most horrible experience with this product so far, so before I give up completely I'd like to get the advice of more experienced users. Netflix is running at SD quality on no matter what version i use. Despite having a 50/50mbps line. Have tried an ethernet connection as well. Was told that a device categorized by Windvine as L3 will never play 4k content. Firmware: I've been told that there isn't a firmware update, Im on 6.0.1 I'm just looking for the capability to view 4k content, as advertised by MYGICA. Is there something that i can do about this? Software i can download to fix any of the issues mentioned above? Thanks, Ryan
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