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  1. I use fibre and everything else works fine. Its literally only YouTube and Netflix that gives issues. I removed the latest update on YouTube and i managed to watch some vids on YouTube last night and it seems to work ok now. Lets see for how long Netflix, well that story is for another day. I cant believe that no response from the Migica Support team. LOL. Perhaps Black Friday will be the jump to a new product, for sure!!!!. Im done with this crap product!!!! Apple TV 4K Xiaomi Mi TV Box S Media Player SKYWORTH LEAP S1 - ANDROID TV BOX
  2. ATV 495 Max freezing. Please help. My ATV 495 Max freezes on YouTube. I have to restart the box every time. It’s also doesn’t play a whole bunch of movies on Netflix. I’ve updated the firmware. I’ve reinstalled Netflix and YouTube and still nothing. Is this thing now a DEADHORSE 😡
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