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  1. Has MyGica died? The only boxes that I've ever owned are MyGica's and recently I have been trying to upgrade to something newer than my maxed out 1960 with 7.2.1. It may be me but I can't find any new products so if anyone can direct me to a new MyGica with Android 9 or better, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I use the ATV1960 which I believe is the same box with a few more features (don't quote me on this) and this has been happening to me for nearly three years. MyGica have forwarded the latest 7.1.2 update image but it continues to freeze daily and sometimes takes several restarts to work properly. I have reset box, rebuilt box, and installed the above update but I think that they have given up on this device as it is now available under another supplers brand . Keep complaining and maybe we will get an update with OS 8 or higher! just my facts and 2¢
  3. 1960 complaint I am the owner of a MyGica 1960 and from what I thought at the time of purcase, it was going to be an amazing device. Here it is three years in and it is still running on 7.1.2 and continues to be an OS nightmare as it freezes multiple times daily and sometime takes many time to fully boot. I have updated it, refreshed it and always end up in the exact same spot. Is there or are there any plans on updating or is the box that was to be the MyGica flagship simply going to remain a semi usable and apparently unsupported box? PS. Android 8 would be nice and my older 1800's out perform the 1960 and rarely feeze or crash.
  4. Any idea of how long before Oreo is available for the 1960?
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