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  1. I use the ATV1960 which I believe is the same box with a few more features (don't quote me on this) and this has been happening to me for nearly three years. MyGica have forwarded the latest 7.1.2 update image but it continues to freeze daily and sometimes takes several restarts to work properly. I have reset box, rebuilt box, and installed the above update but I think that they have given up on this device as it is now available under another supplers brand . Keep complaining and maybe we will get an update with OS 8 or higher! just my facts and 2¢
  2. 1960 complaint I am the owner of a MyGica 1960 and from what I thought at the time of purcase, it was going to be an amazing device. Here it is three years in and it is still running on 7.1.2 and continues to be an OS nightmare as it freezes multiple times daily and sometime takes many time to fully boot. I have updated it, refreshed it and always end up in the exact same spot. Is there or are there any plans on updating or is the box that was to be the MyGica flagship simply going to remain a semi usable and apparently unsupported box? PS. Android 8 would be nice and my older 1800's out perform the 1960 and rarely feeze or crash.
  3. I found this on the Geniatech website ( update_V001S912_20170105_OS60_normal ) and before I actually try and install it and possibly brick this 1960, I thought I would ask if anyone else has tried it or has a 1960 that it actually came on and maybe you updated. My reasons again are that the latest version of 7.1.2 (and every version of 7) is either buggy as my MyGica craps out many time per day and I am simply looking for stability as an update is obviously not in the immediate future. Thanks for reading and any and all comments are welcome!
  4. maximun HDD size Does anyone know if Geniatech and or MyGica have updated their maximum HDD compatibility size for the ATV1960 or is that the maximun that was available then? It is currently at 2TB and would like to use this HDD (Seagate Expansion 5TB 2.5" USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive (STEA5000402) and any advice, help or directions would be greatly appreciated!
  5. 1960 complaint I have owned an ATV1960 for nearly two years now and I am sad to say that Geniatech and MyGica appear to have failed with support for this Android Media Player. This model was their top of the line and the current OS continues to fail/freze multiple times daily but support has not come with many updates or corrections and it appears via a search that BB have stopped it's sale (hmmm). I have found another box that appears to be identical in every spec but now carries another manufactures brand so maybe that is where it went along with any support but still hoping for a NEW glitch-less OS update beyond 7.1.2! Not angry, simply disappointed.... PS. Thank goodness my 1800e with 4.4.2 still works well!
  6. Any idea of how long before Oreo is available for the 1960?
  7. 1960 constantly freezes I have owned my ATV 1960 for nearly two years now and to tell the truth, it has actually never performed the way a top of the line MyGica should. To keep a long story short, upon boot it loads smoothly until just prior to exiting to the MyGica finder, it briefly flashes an image of Google’s and then finishes the load. It is fast and it is normally smooth but during a normal evening of watching (3-4 hours) it usually craps out or freezes twice. Truly not a huge deal but my 1800e's still chugging along with no such issues. I have done an on board reset, done a hard reset using the most up to date firmware image file (ATV 1960 7.1 20180625) without success. Is there a newer image or can I go back to Lollipop or Marshmallow in an attempt to fix this issue (searched without luck for older firmware)?

    2 stage WiFi

    2 stage WiFi This is an odd situation but I am in an RV and at a new park where I am staying, they require a two stage logon to use WiFi. My 1960 sees the transmission but fails to ask for the logon info and password during the second stage so it says that it is connected but truly it is not! As I am connected via Windows two stage, maybe it was not designed for Android to see... Thanks in advance for reading this and hopefully I am not simply fishing!
  9. Hard drive limitations I am about to purchase and attach a 4TB external drive to my 1960 and as there is a no return policy on hard-drives, I was hoping to seek out the limitations before purchase. Any help or forum directions would be appreciated!
  10. No problem and thanks for the support. I received an update file to try and will let everyone know what happens. S....
  11. The box did come from MG North America in Brampton... I will try moving the remote dongel but here is exactly what is happening. This box (an ATV1960) loads or boots the MyGica startup screen and compared to the video display from my 1800e, it is quiet jittery and cheap looking (it is no longer smooth). It then defaults to the N or Nougat screen and all of a sudden it appears to be loading the old Google Nexus Android Launcher (the orange screen with multiple configurations of odd shaped triangles) but flips back into the MyGica 4K HD Android Launcher. The box has had freezing issues since day one and by freezing I mean that it will freeze anywhere and anytime no matter what it is doing! It freezes while sitting on the home page, it freezes while steaming video using YouTube, it freezes while playing content from a self-contained source, and it freezes while simply doing cleanup on both the internal and external hard-drives. In other words, it freezes up no matter what it is up to and without any logic of heavy use or not! PS. The term freezes means that the box is no longer HOT or still active.
  12. To make a long story short, I purchased an open box MyGica 1960 and have had nothing but freezing issues. I have done a factory reset and rebuilt the apps that I use but no matter what I do or use while using the factory installed versions of 4K Movie player, YouTube, Kodi, it simply freezes up (not always right away) and needs to be unplugged to make it work! To make things even harder to figure out, if the box sits inactive for a period of time it also freezes. I would do a hard reset but MyGica does not have the image file online yet (at least that I can see) and I would try this as the factory install may have its own internal glitches.
  13. Here it is just 5 days into owning an ATV1960 and I am sad to say it crashes 2 or 3 times per day! I have done a factory reset and even though it is only using the installed YOUTUBE feature it freezes after viewing as few as 10 videos… Sad to say that I am not impressed but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Just my 2¢
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