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  1. Alfred...thats a kodi issue.....youtube has plenty of videos on how to load up kodi....
  2. tried to add the patch..without a clean install of 5.1......very buggy...crashing...cant set time.or date...only goes to 1992...lol.....so..FYI...do apply update too a clean install...
  3. Hate to say...but i still have the standby issue on my 1800.....was so hoping this update would fix the problem..
  4. Hey BBQ...you da man....that trick seems to work..for now....awesome..thanks for your band aid..cheers!!!
  5. like i have said before...if your unit is working ok right now..leave it...but..if you dont mind having to unplug to reboot everytime..then upgrade..the 5.1 is the shit....they are working on the issue..so hopefully there will be a fixed version soon....i used a usb stick..but i have used an sd card as well..both work fine....the file is the first post of this thread..the file is called... update_Mygica_ATV1900AC_5.1_NoNetflixHD_20161121.img good luck ...cheers
  6. Du If i were you.. i would hold off on updating..there is still an issue with waking up from standby...if you dont mind possibly having to pull the plug everytime you want to restart the unit.. then go for it..its way better. than the 4.2... MyGicaSupport is working on the issue..
  7. Here is a vid of the 1800E not sending video after sleep mode....it wakes up..but doesnt send signal to tv.. VID_20161221_184440.mp4
  8. you cant..i tried changing the resolution to 720 before putting it in standby...didnt help...its something to do with the graphics chip..the android part is ok..just waking up the graphics chip correctly..
  9. thanks bbq tom...i tried the harmony remote..didnt work..but its an older remote.....ill keep trying ....
  10. Ok..found an issue with the new 5.1 ...My 5.1 unit has a black screen when it comes out of standby...when i put it in standby..turn off the tv...start the tv back up..and turn on the box again..only black screen...(or the tv says no source)..i tried bring it down to 720 resolution ..too see if that helped....didnt... MyGicaSupport...you asked for a vid.of the issue before...not sure i can post vids..but hope this was enough info too help..
  11. Guess i should explain...I have 2 1800E's ...one i kept stock ..the other i installed the 5.1 beta .....i just upgraded to the full 5.1 version..and totally happy so far.. Mygica rocked it with this update..
  12. the new 5.1 is not beta...it works perfect..and has the buttons...so upgrade to the new 5.1..youll be happy you did..
  13. there is a power button on the main screen....to reboot or standby....right beside the clean button
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