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  1. I did some research and spoke with hd homerun. They said they've had problems with their software working on android boxes that shipped out on android 4.4 and had firmware updates to 5.1 with both their app and kodi addon. Has this been true with the 1800e? Also to stream ota tv you need a consistent speed on the android box of at least 20mbps. Mine average at around 15-30mbs on the 5ghz network. Do you know of any usb adapter I can attach to the 1800e to make it ac internet compatible to work at a higher more reliable internet speed?
  2. Does this product by you guys work? http://www.mygica.tv/products.php?model=USB-A681 And is this app made by you guys? Does it work? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Pad.tvapp&hl=en
  3. 1800e TV Antenna Does mygica have an app to access channels on a mygica box through a tv antenna? Or do you know how this works? This is the item I'm getting and want to be able to access the over the air channels through the mygica operating system via the usb connector to the antenna. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32985394863.html?ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0%2Csearchweb201602_3_10065_10068_10130_10547_319_10059_10884_317_10548_10887_10696_321_322_10084_453_10083_454_10103_10618_10307_537_536%2Csearchweb201603_52%2CppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=64201c54-42a8-4c4f-ab15-32d5e113853f-3&algo_pvid=64201c54-42a8-4c4f-ab15-32d5e113853f
  4. Yes ethernet is turned off on all boxes. Each box is getting full bars. About 24 hours to around 72 hours or longer. Additionally I'll add, one box gets its wifi signal from the main router and the other two get their signal from a wifi extender. All three boxes are connected to the 5gh network.
  5. 1800e on android 5.1 wifi disconnect problem I have 3 1800e boxes all running on the latest android 5.1 firmware. The wifi will be turned on but the box will disconnect from the internet where you can't browse or do anything internet related. After toggling the wifi on and off through the box's setting, the internet will work again. This problem is present on all 3 of my boxes, each being at varying distances from the router. What can I do to solve this problem?
  6. It's not my os, there's still no option to shut off clicking sounds. I can say they sound louder now. When do you think this root patch file will be released? And is it going to be in the downloads> root patch section?
  7. I found that the click sound was louder if anything. I'm running the squarehome tablet os so maybe there's an option within it's settings to shut it off, so I'll have to check back in on this. But there's no option in the android setting. I want to use the screensaver. If I set it to never turn on, how can I use it? What are you talking about? I want it to operate like a computer screensaver so it comes on when the os is inactive or when there's no video playing. This is how screensavers work. Please let me know when you fix the root patch file. It would have been good if you guys could have built it into the firmware upgrade, two versions, one root, one non-root, but I guess you didn't want to do this.
  8. I installed the new firmware. The screensaver issue hasn't been fixed. I don't know what you guys did or what you think you did, but it still comes on when you watch video content in kodi. Also I still can't find an option to turn off the clicking toggle sounds in android. This doesn't seem to be fixed either. Unless if it's really hidden somewhere? I have to root my devices again. Which root patch file can I use to do this on 1800e on the new firmware?
  9. Great. So to install this, do the standard method through the upgrade app by just clicking on the file? And of course this file has all the same updates as the firmware file that does factory reset right?
  10. When will the firmware upgrade file with no factory reset be released for existing 5.1 users? Why is this taking so long?
  11. My 1800e boxes are advertised as quad core, but all the cores aren't being utilized, so it's not working as advertised. The two 1800e android boxes I bought over the past couple months came with android 5.1 already installed on them, not 4.4. There was someone else who has a 1900ac on this forum who complained about the cores not all working, which it's advertised to. So they're not working as advertised. Just hit on all the points I made and I'll be completely satisfied, and I'm sure others will too. Make things as easy as you can for your customers. Make things as easy as you can for your customers to understand. Make sure the boxes function to their listed specs. Be as prompt as you can. If the beta file is not ota then that's fine. But you guys beta get your act together. No, I'm just kidding. But I hope the next update is ota. If it's not, then whatever, I'll do it manually, as long as it doesn't reset my boxes, which it shouldn't. You said it's supposed to be the last one anyway. ota is obviously better and easier. You guys advertise that you do ota on your site as well on the 1900ac page, which should be applicable to all boxes on the same software. So if you advertise it, you should do it. (bottom of page) http://mygica.com/Enjoy-TV/ATV1900-Pro_134.html
  12. and... PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO WAIT CLOSE TO HALF A YEAR FOR YOU GUYS TO COME OUT WITH UPDATES TO MAKE THEIR BOX WORK PROPERLY AND FUNCTION AS IT'S ADVERTISED TO You guys should honestly get the mygica ceo on this forum to make some sort of statement. This is all so ridiculous. "we fixed the standby issue the best we can," "we don't know when your box will work as it's advertised to." This is literally insanity. I'd love to see the ceo on here. Please get the ceo on this forum!
  13. Just so it's clear, this is what you guys have to remember: PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO FACTORY RESET THEIR BOX PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO READ THROUGH YOUR FORUMS TO FIND UPGRADE FILES PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO MANUALLY INSTALL FIRMWARE FILES AND THEN INSTALL ADDITIONAL PATCHES ON TOP OF THAT I think the absolute best case scenario is you have four files on your upgrade webpage, and all upgrades for existing 5.1 users are ota. Imagine if you had a problem with your windows computer, and to fix it you had to search through their forums, find the right file to fix it, download it on an sd card, install it, and have to factory reset your computer for it to work. Then that file didn't fully fix your computer, so you'd have to go back through their forums, find the new upgrade file, put it on an sd card again, install it again, and have to factory reset your box AGAIN. This scenario seems like it's from a far away dream world, yet this is how Mygica operates their business. It's like you guys are running your company out of someone's garage or something. 4 files: unroot 5.1 - for users upgrading from 4.4 (FACTORY RESET) root 5.1 - for users upgrading from 4.4 (FACTORY RESET) unroot patch root patch And all firmware upgrades for people on 5.1 are done ota. ('NO' FACTORY RESET)
  14. Honesty, upgrades for 5.1 users should be ota. They shouldn't be loading firmware updates onto sd cards and navigating through forums to find files. My computer auto updates when there's new upgrades, and my phone does everything ota. This is how successful companies operate. You guys should always be asking yourself, how can I make this as easy for the customer as possible? Another point of feedback with your ota updates in the past. They appear so fast on screen that if you're navigating through your menu and click okay with the intention of clicking something else, the ota box disappears right away without getting a chance to read it. Maybe have it pop up in the bottom or something instead, and have it haves to be clicked on with the cursor so this issue doesn't happen. Keeping firmware upgrades readily available in the upgrade app would be good too. With the downloads page, if you're really that concerned about people being confused. Create a link for the alternate firmware files. Put your main firmware file on the download page. Then put a link somewhere else: 'click here if you're already on 5.1.' I think my original suggestion will be completely fine. But I must say I'm happy to see you guys are making your customers not being confused a priority. Lastly I'll add, if you guys don't fix your standby issue, you guys will go bankrupt. Personally I am keeping my boxes on. But very fair to say 1 of every 2, or more like 4 of every 5 customers who buy your box and find that it can't shut on and off are going to return it right away as they'll think it's a piece of junk. They'll also probably never buy a mygica product again. If you guys can't figure out how to fix it, fly an expert to your office from silicon valley and have them fix it. Even if you have to pay $10,000 or whatever to do it, you'll literally save your company. I really hope to see some improvements in your firmware upgrade workflow. I really really do.
  15. If it's just explained clear any person with an elementary school education will be able to understand but it's up to you guys to make it clear. I'm still confused. You said that the factory reset is only necessary if you're upgrading from 4.4. SO WHY ARE YOU MAKING PEOPLE HAVE TO FACTORY RESET IF THEY'RE ALREADY ON 5.1? Why not create a separate firmware file for people upgrading their existing 5.1 firmware so they don't have to factory reset their box? Factory resetting is very excruciating. Me being a customer telling you this, it should be very valued. I'm not saying this to blow hot air. Maybe the developers don't think it's important or just don't care because they just need the firmware to update boxes before they're put on the market. This goes back to trying to make things as easy for your customers as you can, not as easy for your developers as you can. I very highly recommend creating at least the one additional firmware file for people upgrading who are already on 5.1. The six files would be even better. Personally I can't understand how these files can be that hard to maintain. They'll all just have minor differences which will be factory reset vs no factory reset, and root vs unroot. Everything else in the firmware file will be the exact same. I get the impression your development team is very lazy, incredibly under staffed, or not knowledgeable enough in the software. There's definitely something off given how long some of these fixes take to get together, especially considering they were fine on android 4.4. My six file recommendation was vague. I left it to you guys to fill in the blanks. If you use appropriate headings and descriptions for each file in an organized graph(s) type layout, it will be incredibly easy to understand what firmware does what. Doing this will put much less stress on customers who don't want their box to factory reset after upgrading and for customers who want their software rooted. Yes, your customers, the people who keep you guys in business.
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