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  1. No errors during install, but device still does not show up in capture in showbiz. Note that I have a Hava device (which is a network capture device), and this device DOES show in capture, but that is the only device in the pull-down list. I have had this device and the iGrabber both working before (co-existing just fine on this same system), including on an earlier version of windows 10. I put back in an old disk I had back in 2017, and it worked there (both Hava and iGrabber show up, and the iGrabber can indeed see the video). Back on my current disk. Note that device manager shows the device is working (I forgot to mention above that this was the case before too).
  2. Win10 driver, again! I started a topic 4 years ago, and here I am again having the same issue. I don't know if I solved it last time, but I am not able to solve it now. Here is the old thread: http://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/topic/1887-win10-driver/ I followed all the advice there to no avail. I cannot get my Nano to appear in the Capture in ShowBiz. I did get the driver to install after booting up with "Disable driver signature enforcement", and I downloaded from https://mega.nz/#!eJBWWKYa!pVPLib6wE36WC5ipmDOeGhuzqJwqc7sVrIw6qDZ6poc, but it will not show up in ShowBiz Capture screen. The funny thing in device manager is that there are 2 entries for the iGrabber Nano ("iGrabber Device" and "USB device"). Is this the way it should be? Please advise. I also tried the latest download on support site. Nothing works. What's wrong?
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