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  1. my 4.freezes if the box is left on for a long time
  2. I have 4.2.2 I 2 boxes now I find it in stable both boxes freeze if left on with xbmc on overnight
  3. so theres 4.2 and actual differenct firware u need for the box?
  4. Ok I updated to android 4.2 just now. Do my firmware files should now be up to date???
  5. weird cause i named files priperly and to .img and doesnt see them??
  6. mygica wont see my usb drive all it sees is mnt/sda1 how to i change to for usb?
  7. can u useusb drive? also how can i check what my current software is?
  8. how come the box itself wont do update, without havin to download these files?
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