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  1. Mygica ATV 495 Pro HDR problems I am on my second 6.0 box, both have been less than perfect. I understand that you have to manually select permissions for new apps and still have had little luck. Both boxes flicker. The first box I was eventually able to force through the 7.1 upgrade. However the second box loaded the upgrade rebooted and is now stuck on the Marshmallow screen. It has been like this for several hours. The box is roughly two months old and has sat as I have been busy. I loaded the update through the micro SD from the load external method. Suggestions, Thomas
  2. This is great for lollipop but there seems to be no support for marshmallow 6.0. 20 years it experience this is the worst box yet won't play apps won't update hung up on the marshmallow screen for one hour now, not 5 minutes, that is funny. Updated from 6.0 to 17.1 frozen and now what shall I do. Thomas
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