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  1. Do you know for sure the USB ports are working? I had a unit and the dried up brown blob on the circuit board eventually prevented the ports to work properly. I cleaned it up, but basically only 1 out of the 4 ended up working. Good luck...
  2. I am not sure since . Look in the Downloads section (top of forums) to see what model matches your unit and perhaps Google search to see exactly what you can use, but my point is that you need to use the SD card process. Good luck.
  3. Follow the instructions that comes with the firmware. You can only upgrade via SD card as the instructions state. https://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/files/category/15-atv-495x/
  4. It seems you got into the recovery menu, so I guess your reset function is working, Try another SDcard and follow the instructions. It should be able to reload the firmware. SDcard needs to be FAT32 formatted, which I am sure you did. Not sure how many times you tried it, but make sure you watch the screen and the device. What happened at 40%? Maybe your power adapter is weak and your box shut down at the 40%. Good luck.
  5. Congratulations on getting it working! Now you just need to re-soldier the switch on the main board so in future you can use it like it should work. That is pretty easy, with a pencil soldiering iron, heat it up and add some more soldier to the joint and you good as new. Glad I could help you out.
  6. I am not really sure to be on honest with you. I do believe the latest firmware allowed standby mode to work properIy. I thought the front button was an on/off. Get you ohm meter out and see if the button works when you open it up. This project may become a bit technical. I dont have a atv1900pro but my 2 other family members do and the unit seems to work fine for them, but like anything electronic it can fail almost anytime. These units are now pretty old and dont think mygica has even been on the forums here for well over a year or more. I think what has happened and killed mygica is the cloned boxes...that seem to sell for $50.00 and have the most current android version on them. Anyhow good luck with your project and hope it works out for the best.
  7. The solder joint on the main board may not be that noticeable...basically a hair line crack in the soldier itself, you may have to look with a magnifying glass, sometimes it is not that easily noticeable sometimes.
  8. Hopefully its bad on the board! Soldering it will make it useful again. Just look on Google to see how you open it up. I have done it to repair the globs on the usb ports. Hope its bad on the board..then at least you will be able to enter recovery mode.
  9. I am sure your are doing this, but are you holding the reset button in for at least 15 seconds when applying the power before releasing the reset button? If you are, maybe the reset button has lost its connectivity on the main board inside and might be worth a try to open the box up and look at the circuit board where the reset button is soldered to the main board. The solder could have cracked (cold soldered joint). If it is you will need to solder it back on to the circuit board for connectivity. Since your always going to the Lollipop screen this could be the cause since the box is not recognizing a reset.
  10. The ATV1900 also has those 2 additional files, perhaps download the ATV1900 file, and add those two files to your sdcard, the dd.exe and the uboot_mx.exe. Although the ATV1900pro does not have those 2 files as seen in the pic below. You have nothing to lose to add those (2 exe files), maybe that will allow it to load and install as it should. Good luck really cant help you with much more sorry.
  11. Dont know what to tell you. The pic I attached is basically the files that are what you should have on the SD card which are basically from the zip file you downloaded. I trust you are not using a large sd card, think i used 16gb, if you using a large sdcard the box may not read it properly. I still think if you are going right to the lollipop screen your card is not being read and wont load the recovery ability. The pic is from the zip file of the download for - 1900 PRO JAN 30 2017 March 24 17.
  12. Install ES file explorer and then you should be able to look at the files your downloaded and also should be able to install them from the ES file explorer after they are downloaded. The iptv app may not be compatible with your android version since most of them are using a much higher android version these days since mygica are using very old versions.
  13. Can't do it...if you do with a generic version, you could brick your device since the chip on the device most likely will not be compatible. Only way to know is if anyone else has taken that chance and got it working but a search of the web is your only option to find out.
  14. You should be able to enter recovery mode, even without an SD card inserted, not much different than any android phone. Its a matter of the timing when you hold in the reset button in the back and apply the power before you release the reset button. If you are going into the Lollipop screen you probably not holding the reset button long enough in order for it to go into the Recovery Screen. I would try it again, which I am sure you have tried it many times. I would also try to use another SD card formatted as you have FAT32. If you have a known good SD card you should be entering into reading the files on the sd card and performing a reload of the firmware. Like I said if you going into the Lollipop screen the device has not gone into Recovery Mode. Good luck..
  15. I would have a look inside your 1900Pro..I had similar issues with my USB ports with the gunk, cleaned the gunk and all worked again. As the quote states perhaps you have similar gunk by the wifi module. Good luck..
  16. I don't believe updates from the server worked, or have worked for sometime. Check you current build in your 1900Pro and see if its the current build offered in the downloads section. There has not been any updates for sometime. If it is not the same, then you can upgrade it via the manual process as the instructions explain.
  17. I dont have any issues to download the update. Perhaps the server at the time you tried was not responding. Give it another try.
  18. No just unzip the main file..then move all the files to the sdcard fat32 formatted. Just do as the instructions say. Good luck..
  19. Follow these steps to reinstall the firmware.
  20. Over the air has never worked for me...follow those steps....
  21. I don't have a 495 Pro, have upgraded 1800 and 1900s. Basically what ever is in the zip file from the download you just put those files into the main part of the SD card. If there are other zipped files there don't do anything with them, just move them over as well but don't unzip those. Just copy all the files from the unzipped download to the card. Do the reboot procedure which forces the device to read the sd card and should boot you into an upgrade process, steps 7,8 and 9. Really not much else you should need to do. Good luck, start over and do all the steps listed to do the upgrade. Maybe try another SD card and make sure its formatted Fat32 before you move the files over from the unzipped download. Also make sure the download firmware is made for you exact model or else that can brick it .
  22. I think you will find those Firmware's are bogus. The only firmware's that will work are post here with the instructions. The file size representing updated firmware on that site are too small. The firmware's from here are at minimum 450 megs which is generally what a firmware/image should be. https://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/files/category/6-atv-1800e/
  23. I suspect you have tried to move the USB dongle to another usb port of the device, if you have one available. Not sure which device your are using. I have had issues with the ATV1800 and ATV1900 where inside on the main board of the device there is goop which spreads overtime and causes the usb port on the main board to not function correctly due to the goop. People have opened the box and carefully tried to remove the goop from the main board by the usb port. It is a very sensitive task and can cause damage to the main board if not done carefully. Once this goop has been cleaned away with alcohol and scraped carefully away my usb ports have again functioned. Not sure if this is helpful in your case. I have done this and the usb port functioned again. Good luck.
  24. hanke

    Autoshut down

    Don't have 1900AC but you can check Kodi if you use it. Check in the Settings/System/Power Options that has the ability to shut things down.
  25. Its only for the 1900AC not the PRO, check the download section and you will see or search google, don't believe there is a root firmware for the PRO model.
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