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  1. which mygica device for SD tv Hi, I still use an old cathodic TV. what is the most advanced device mygica offers that can connect to those tv using RCA cable? the 495 max seems to have the appropriate output in the photos, but the description doesn't mention it. thank you
  2. disney plus android on 495 pro Hi, When i try to install disney plus on this device, the google play store won't let me do so because my device isn't compatible. Any idea why? is it the os version of the device? if i update to android 7, will it work? thank you
  3. 7.1 update comments? Hi I'm not sure if I should be updating my box to android 7. For those who did the upgrade. does the box work well afterward? can I still use the RCA output? thank you
  4. Thank you!!!!! very appreciated!
  5. Hi I tried connecting a wired usb xbox 360 controller on the atv495 and it is not recognised. Is the possibility of connecting a usb gamepad supported? How can i add this feature? Thank you
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