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  1. Thanks Justin. Will look into these.
  2. There may not be a "known" fault, however i count ten units from this thread alone that have a similar issue. I have two units and both are affected. I understand that the fault cannot be fixed without the unit in the workshop. My issue is that the cost of shipping etc. will be close to price paid for the unit. I'm looking for a work around solution, hence my query about using a cheap USB wifi dongle. Need help determining what type of dongle (if any) can work on 1900Pro. Most I see are made for PCs.
  3. Youtube voice search not working Good day, I was running the old version of the android tv youtube app for a while without issue. I think it may be the app that came stock with the device. Updated the youtube app from the Aptoide store recently. The new app is much improved overalll, and generally works well. The issue i have is that the youtube app voice search no longer works. it worked fine with the old version. The mic on the remote doesnt switch on (no blue light) then the app crashes. Is there a new driver or something similar thats needed? The Google voice search still works fine. Regards Ryan
  4. Good day, I have two 1900 PRO units which worked well for over a year, and now both within a short time have the wifi adaptor issue. Tried reloading the firmware and even tried the android 7.1 beta, without resolve. Justin mentioned it could be a hardware issue, however my unit is not under warranty and it is a hassle to get the units to the local agents( South African) . Looking for a DIY fix. Can a wifi dongle be setup to work? Someting like : https://www.tp-link.com/us/home-networking/usb-adapter/tl-wn725n/
  5. I tried the update, but was not happy with new home screen/user interface. Prefer the android 6 version as originally installed. Rolled back to the old version. Also experienced an issue where if the TV is switched on before the device boots, the screen goes green and loses the HDMI signal. have to switch the TV off and back on to resolve.
  6. Update: the remote is much more stable but still jams occasionally. Will exchange the device for another. Hoping the problem is isolated to this device
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. Have changed the usb port and seems to be working okay so far. Will update if problem returns.
  8. Remote freezes on ATV1960 I've recently purchased a ATV1960 after having two 1900pros which worked great. So far dissapointed as the ATV1960 freezes daily and no longer responds to remote control inputs. Have to remove power supply and reconnect for it to work again. The power button still works when it jams, due to the IR signal for this button but no other buttons work. Happens on several apps, kodi and youtube included. The unit isn't completely frozen during this issue, eg video and audio continues but no remote control inputs work. The firmware isn't available either so cant try reloading it. Need urgent help else will be returning the unit for a refund.
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