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Found 2 results

  1. Google Play Store Good day, Kindly assist in regards to my google play store. It keeps saying download pending whenever I want to update my Showmax. I have done the whole clear cache and data on the google play store app to see if that might work however it does not work at all. There also does not show that there is an update off the firmware of the box as yet. The box was bought from Incredible Connection last year November. Please provide me with some advise on how to fix this problem and also if possible once this is fixed, which apps can be installed which is similar to My Family Cinema but compatible with this Android Box. Thank you!
  2. All apps keep crashing on 585 Hi guys, My father has given me a 585 to use. I loaded my Gmail account onto it, along with expressvpn and Netflix, I deleted some of the apps my father had on there. Now whenever I open an app it closes instantly or waits about 45 seconds and then closes. With Netflix it will just close whatever I'm watching and go back to the preview screens. It's connected via wifi to the internet and I've tried changing connections and the problem persists. It's running 4.4 android and a kernel version of 3. Something.
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