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Instructions to fix the screen shrink on Mygica ATV1900AC

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Instructions to fix the screen shrink on Mygica ATV1900AC

Instructions to fix the screen shrink on Mygica ATV1900AC



MyGica ATV1900AC is a new Android TV Box series launched around August 2015 but has received very good reviews from users. With 5.0 Lollipop operating system for faster application processing performance, everything runs smoother than Android 4.4.2 KitKat.


However, because it has just been released, Mygica ATV1900AC still has some small errors that are not Full screen for some applications such as DangcapHD, FPT Play ... but the screen is reduced vertically, so the following article Hieuhien.vn will guide you. How do you fix this error?


As the official distributor of Android TV Box products in Vietnam market, after receiving user comments about Mygica ATV1900AC products, Hieuhien.vn discussed with Mygica about the issues. that users encounter so that they can promptly correct the error. In this time, Hieuhien.vn discussed 2 issues:


– Some applications such as DangcapHD, FPT Play… are minimized when used on Mygica ATV1900AC


– There is no Taskbar for quick actions at the bottom of the screen like Mygica ATV1800E Plus

Right after that, Mygica immediately sent a Patch to fix the problem of the application being minimized on Mygica ATV1900AC, and the problem of the Taskbar, Mygica promised to have an update in the near future because this requires a longer editing time. Currently, users can fix the error of DangcapHD, FPT Play ... being minimized on Mygica ATV1900AC according to the following instructions, otherwise, they can wait until the upcoming automatic update via OTA of Mygica ATV1900AC will have a fix available. this is in there.




Step 1: Use your computer to download the following patch file and copy it to USB and then attach the USB to Mygica ATV1900AC: DOWNLOAD

Step 2: On Mygica ATV1900AC open the application called "Upgrade", select "Local update", select the Patch file named "Update_Hieuhien.vn_FIX_ATV1900AC.img" downloaded in the USB to update. Then you wait a bit, Mygica ATV1900AC will automatically reboot and install this Patch. After successful installation, open the DangcapHD application and you will see the normal full screen like on other Android TV Boxes.



Specific steps with pictures:

1.Select the app “Upgrade”

2.Select “Local update”

3.Select Patch file “Update_Hieuhien.vn_FIX_ATV1900AC.img”

4.Select “OK” to start the update

5.Mygica ATV 1900AC will automatically reboot and install this Patch

6.DangcapHD is full screen after updating

Hope this information will be useful to you. If you need help or want to read more knowledge, please visit my blog to read more. My blog: bồn tắm xây

Thank you very much

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