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195X, dropped frames at 1080p60

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195X, dropped frames at 1080p60


I've purchased two ATV380 boxes and run Kodi on them.  I also bought a 65" TV with KODI installed.

Recently, I bought the ATV195X at Walmart.ca, and connected it in my bedroom.  When playing back even modest content (700x400 24fps) I notice jerky video, indicative of dropped frames.  When I enable debug logging to see the actual frame rate, I normally see around 24 fps, but it sometimes drops lower.  The stream was H.264 and with HW decoding enabled. CPU usage around 30-70%.

I suspected the Graphics processor was having trouble keeping up with 1080p60, so I exited Kodi and went into the Android settings from the main page, and dropped it to 720.  But for some reason, Kodi still reports that it's using 1080p60, as does my TV. The option to change the resolution in Kodi is greyed out.

Question 1: are you surprised of the unsmooth video, for even this modest stream? 

Question 2: is there a way to limit the max resolution of this setup to 720?


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