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Kodi Buffering and Skipping

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Kodi Buffering and Skipping

I have had the MyGica 1800e now for about a year and at first the streaming was fine. Now I am experiencing buffering every 10 seconds or so and eventually skipping (or a fast-forward like event) after the buffering is complete.

To fix the issues I have to unplug the box, wait several minutes and then plug it back in. The first one or two streams works fine but after the box is on for a few hours the issue returns.

I have tried clearing the cache for the box and for the Kodi app. I have used Kodi maintenance tools to try and optimize the memory usage. The internet speed last tested over 70 Mbps for download so speed should not be the issue.

Does anyone have any ideas? I have updated to the latest firmware (2017/03/28).


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