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Split Titles - Save One Portion

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Split Titles - Save One Portion

I posted this elsewhere a while back, I have a USB adapter that I plug a VCR into in order to digitize video from VHS tapes, I think this must be the best forum (but one guy answered on there with a question, and never got back to me after I answered it).  He asked about the version of the honestech VCR-DVD software, it is 4.0 se.

I have that VHS-DVD software,  by honsetech, that came with the video capture USB device.  I use that software to capture a digital copy of VHS movies, I usually set a time for a few minutes less than what the length of the recording is supposed to be and sit there and watch the end of the movie (or whatever) then press the "stop" button on the VCR.   Sometimes I don't get to that computer in time and I record garbage at the end of the movie, I can't figure out how I got rid of it and save just what I want to put onto a DVD.  In this case I recorded about twenty minutes of a a Star Trek episode that was on the VHS tape at the end of a movie I want to digitize, I go to the "edit" tab and play what I captured, when I am at the end of the movie I click the "split" button which puts two icons in the L pane (the movie and the 20 minutes of garbage that was on the VHS tape after he movie).  I can't figure out how to put that part of that split recoding that I want to keep (the movie I want to digitize ) onto my hard drive, so I can proceed to burn it to a DVD.  I can R click on the part of the split that is 20 minutes of garbage and click "delete" so that there is only the movie in the L pane (up in the top L corner of the program's GUI, but how do I get it onto my hard drive?  I am looking for a way to move that, the movie without the 20 minutes of garbage at the end, onto my hardware so I can then use burn software to put in on a DVD.  Up In the R pane, after performing this split,  there is also a green-bordered  "edited movie", but it seems like I cannot do anything with it (I assume that is also the movie, without the 20 minutes of garbage).  In my output folder, the only thing that is there is the original capture, ie the movie followed by 20min of garbage.  How can I use the two entities that show up in the upper L corner when I do a split?  I need to move them from the program somewhere onto a hard drive.

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