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Aml recovery file

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Aml recovery file


I saw there's an aml recovery file to revive a bricked atv495 pro.

You can use it to reflash a bricked one using the usb burn tool with a male 2 male usb cable

Is it possible for mygica to make one for the max?

I tried what they suggested to get into recovery mode.. Press the reset button underneath. Insert the power cable and hold the reset button for 8 seconds and release to go into recovery mode. My screen stated black. I tried it about 5 times without success.

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On 5/15/2019 at 2:36 PM, joels said:

I sincerely hope someone can help me. This box is expensive in South Africa

I will have to ask the Software team to see if they have this available and get back to you

You can also email them directly yourself
sales@geniatech.com or sales@mygica.com


If the unit was shipped to you bricked, I would suggest returning it to the place you bought it from to have it exchanged
May I know if it came bricked or you were trying something and it bricked on you?

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1 minute ago, joels said:

Hi. As I said in another post It was sorted out. Would be a good idea though to make one in case its needed it future.

Will look into that and see what can be done



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