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1960 complaint

I have owned an ATV1960 for nearly two years now and I am sad to say that Geniatech and MyGica appear to have failed with support for this Android Media Player.  This model was their top of the line and the current OS continues to fail/freze multiple times daily but support has not come with many updates or corrections and it appears via a search that BB have stopped it's sale (hmmm).   I have found another box that appears to be identical in every spec but now carries another manufactures brand so maybe that is where it went along with any support but still hoping for a NEW glitch-less OS update beyond 7.1.2! 

Not angry, simply disappointed....

PS.  Thank goodness my 1800e with 4.4.2 still works well!

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I found this on the Geniatech website ( update_V001S912_20170105_OS60_normal ) and before I actually try and install it and possibly brick this 1960, I thought I would ask if anyone else has tried it or has a 1960 that it actually came on and maybe you updated.  My reasons again are that the latest version of 7.1.2 (and every version of 7) is either buggy as my MyGica craps out many time per day and I am simply looking for stability as an update is obviously not in the immediate future.
Thanks for reading and any and all comments are welcome!

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