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Running Debian (Amrbian) on the ATV 585

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Running Debian (Amrbian) on the ATV 585

Hi, I'm new to this forum so I apologize if this is in he wrong spot. 

I'm looking to run Linux (something like Armbian) on the Jadoo 4, a device I believe to be a re-branded ATV 585 (same processor,  antenna, i/o positioning, etc). I've been following this tutorial for running Linux on devices using the S805 processor, but when I hold down the pin I end up in the recovery menu instead of just straight booting into Linux. Can anybody help me out? I think the problem is that this device has specific requirements for how the SD card should be formatted/setup .

Would anybody happen to know (or perhaps have documentation) if the device is even capable of booting from an SD card, and if so, what requirements it has?



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