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    Which device is this for? How far away is the 5g device? Generally, 5g doesn’t reach nearly as far as 2.4 and on these low cost mobile chipsets, the antenna doesn’t reach as far signals as say a $600 phone would, same as laptops. Any additional info you provide will will assist me in helping the best I can.
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    You can try suggestions here:
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    Hello, you can use Puffin TV: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudmosa.puffinTV You can even fling it to the device from the website.
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    Hello, you can use Puffin TV: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudmosa.puffinTV You can even fling it to the device from the website.
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    No worries! It is a bit of a geography specific question. LOL! I'm going to try connecting the device directly to my TV using the AV cable and hopefully that'll work . Thanks for getting back to me.
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    there is a cover that is removable for access to the USB ports
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    With this driver I managed to get video and audio working Thank you for the support
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    UPDATE: With the release of KODI Krypton on February 5, 2017 which required that the Android OS 5.0 be used to continue with its use, a lot of Android KODI users had been using 4.4.2 Kit Kat with Jarvis or Isengard and both produced flawless audio and video playback but from that moment on until the Kodi group updated the video playback portion of Leia (KODI 18) many users suffered with video chatter/ stutter that mimicked a child’s flip card display or game (thank you). I have spent countless months experimenting with each adjustable section of KODI to correct this video issue with the understanding that it was a hardware related issue but to my surprise, the introduction of Leia (Beta and RC1) has solved it. I even went as far as purchasing new devices with updated operating systems, clean installs and still without luck. I am not saying that this is or was the only issue but with the release of Kodi v18 “Leia” RC1 my issues have disappeared and are apparently corrected with quality non jittery video again! I highly recommend that if you are experiencing any video issue that you at least attempt this as it is free and apparently works and fixes this problem.
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    If you press the little brush icon in the lower left corner of the interface (launcher) before launching NetFlix it usually works just fine for me. It appears some background app steals the scroll input for its use.
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    We will certainly address the current issues. The current beta is not the final version there will be. That being said, commenting on if it will be called a beta or not will depend on the outlook for if everything can be corrected without causing further issues. To explain a bit, we are creating this on our own without help from the typical route of assistance through the chip makers. This makes it more difficult, but necessary, since otherwise there wouldn’t be a newer OS of android on them. We always appreciate feedback, even when negative, from our forum contributors. Beta testers, commenters, complaints and suggestions help us make our boxes better each time we get to design something new. We are coming out with new ways of updating our systems to allow for easier and more frequent updates for a range of different purposes on any devices that we can do them to. We hate when we have to leave hardware behind on any new updates or operating systems, but as you can see with this beta, and other updates, that we try not to leave anything behind.
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    Settings -> Sound -> Digital sounds -> select HDMI RAW Try this settings change above.. And let me know if it works
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    Please try this driver: https://mega.nz/#!GqQwwSIT!iETZHiCdjIFSC3c9dka8irra_lB1aJqKdpYGDR-d4XA&nbsp
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    I’m sorry sir, I’m not understanding what is going on here or what you are describing is the issue. What do you mean this isn’t about warranty?