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    It's not fair, some of us bought this device just for the dstv now app and this is not supported anymore? It's bullshit. Mygica better bring out a software update or something that can certify the device! Or you would need to start swoppng old devices for the new certified devices or you will see people bringing the Mygica name down. You need to do something, can't just be like oh well! I promise if we need to buy new devices it will not be mygica at all. I await your response Mygica.
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    Got to jump in on this. My remote wasn't turning the 1900 pro on but would function normally when on. Because I had programmed my Harmony remote to turn on the unit, I figured the remote to be the problem, in a way it was. I had changed batteries and it still wouldn't turn on the unit However I decided to google how to test the infrared function on a remote to see if it was working or not, I came up with this https://www.techhive.com/article/2090126/use-your-smartphone-to-check-your-remote-control-batteries.html There was a flicker of light showing in the camera when the orange button was pressed..... hmmmm.... was it just not strong enough to turn the unit on? fresh batteries installed again, obviously the fresh batteries I had put in previously were not fresh so to speak. The remote is once again turning on the unit. Google to the rescue once again.
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    Google Playstore Certified Hi there I have a Mygica ATV585. Since this morning my cable company’s streaming app, dstv app, won’t stream anything and says the device is not playstore certified. Which is odd since it worked perfectly yesterday. If it helps, I updated the app this morning and then it began with this bs. Is there a patch for this. I’m from South Africa, btw. Regards Werner
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    We fixed this issue with this update FW:update_MyGica_ATV195X_ATV329X_WV_6.0_20180206_v2.1.img Download:https://mega.nz/#!2RdEHIZD!NV5lbhxp6LO_XC1qWaJHGftm5qwGS5q0SBfcys__2oo It will replace the current update that is on our server. Sorry about this We also just released Android 7.1 for this model It can be found here
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    Afaik, optical audio was used to transfer audio data digitally before it became available (in higher definition formats) along with the video data via HDMI cables. Optical would only be necessary if your receiver doesn't have an HDMI input. As it was highlighted earlier in this thread both optical and HDMI are affected by this pass through issue as they both go through the same decoder.
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    ATV 495 pro remote The middle blue light blinks. I’ve tried to pair it, but it stays the same. Changed the batteries and changed the USB port.
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    Try installing it from the MyGica store It should be on there
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    Hi Werner have you found a solution to this problem. I am experiencing the same issue on the Mygica ATV 582
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    Started out as a good box in beginning then the little annoying things started happening like the remote not responding properly. Then I decided to take advantage of the update to android 5.0.1 and then shit really started happening. I tried to factory reset it twice with no results. Then I tried a hard reset to try and downgrade with no results. How the fuck am I supposed to get it back to the other android 4.4.2. Can anyone help. Because as of now I will never recommend this product to anyone ever. This thing is a piece of shit