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  3. cảm ơn bbassc đã chia sẻ bài viết
  4. I just lost sound a few days ago - can anyone help?
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  6. Won't connect to WiFi anymore. Hi guys. I have a "MyGica quad core enjoy TV box" version: 5.1.1. Build: MyGicas905v1. 30. The problem I am having is it will not connect to my WiFi anymore. It started doing this about 3months or so ago and I used to be able to fix it by unplugging the box and after a while plugging it back in. Now for the last two days not even that is working anymore. How do I fix this problem? When I try and turn the WiFi button on.. The screen freezes and then the box restarts itself. Really desperate for help and rather fed up with this problem. Also please keep in mind I am not a technology expert at all, if it is not plug and play I have a very hard time understanding it. Thank you for any assistance. Kind Regards. V
  7. Its only for the 1900AC not the PRO, check the download section and you will see or search google, don't believe there is a root firmware for the PRO model.
  8. Hi thanks for the quick reply. Does "root patch" mean this is the file that if run will result in a rooted 1900 pro?
  9. https://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/files/category/3-atv-1900ac/
  10. Can I root my ATV1900AC box? Hi I have a ATV 1900 Pro and would like to convert it to be used as a SMB Samba Server or network server to store movies and music. I've seen a few apps in the app store that allow that functionality but they require Root access. So my questions are is the ATV1900 already rooted and I just need to activate this option OR do I need to also need to get an app or PC based tool to run a program to actively root the ATV1900Pro device. Thanks for your help!
  11. atsc cvct (FTA Tuner Loader) update atsc cable signal not working please update Please update so that it can be cvct instead of atsc tvct I can't use it because I bought 3 a681 to use it on Android. Please update.
  12. Netflix ATV495 max When will the update be available for neflix?
  13. Hi, is there any update for netflix for the ATV495 max?
  14. ATV 495 PRO REMOTE My atv 495 Pro remote keeps flashing middel blue light and does not work at all is it broken.
  15. Hi i have the same problem. I factory reset my device and now it dos not work. i have done everything shown and still no joy. it does not read any files but folders from the usb drive and Sd card.
  16. Hi I have a similar problem. I have downloaded the software you uploaded. When i go into the back program to install my Mygica atv495max does not see the files only the folders.
  17. firmware hd cap x-II Hi, someone has the firmware for hd cap x-II ? thank you. the links in this forum are broken.
  18. ATV495Max Stuck on android tv screen Dood day: I have an Mygica ATV495Max and it got stuck after i went into the Android setup screen I canceled and and went out as I thought you would update like other Mygica devises I Owned when you update the firmware.
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  20. a681 Android app The over-the-air signal is caught, but the cable signal channel is not searched. Can you update the driver source code or app? When I see the setdvbmode function in the fta loader app, why not use it? If you can provide the source code, please send it by e-mail.
  21. A681 android cable signal search not working a681 Android 앱 공중파 신호가 잡히지 만 케이블 신호 채널이 검색되지 않습니다. 드라이버 소스 코드 또는 앱을 업데이트 할 수 있습니까?
  22. I am also having the same problem with showmax
  23. On the myGica store, "Smart You Tube TV" app is at version 6.17.724 and it works now on my ATV495pro. Back in November 2019, the app stopped working and it got stuck at the spinning icon while trying to launch a youtube player.
  24. On the myGica store, "Smart You Tube TV" app is at version 6.17.724 and it works on my ATV495pro. I don't know long it has been in the app store since I have been using Puffin TV Browser to access YouTube; that is, until recently, because Puffin has switched to a subscription/rental model without any warning. See my post on Puffin. https://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/topic/7342-puffin-tv-browser-v83341933-now-requires-a-subscription/
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