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  3. ATV 1900 rebooting and License error message I recently upgraded my gica to Kodi 18.9 and installed Diggz current version. All was working well, and then the PVR library started loading (from Diggz) and the machine rebooted. I uninstalled and reinstalled Kodi to 18.7 and Diggz. Same thing. Finally, I thought a RESET would help. Made it worse! Now, it boots up with an error message “Reach the limit number of licenses, please contact the software licensors to purchase again”. What the heck? I can click on the alert and it goes away, and all is good (except for the rebooting). I saw on the forum something about Netflix, so I uninstalled that, no better. Any ideas? Thanks!! P.s. I tried using different Kodi builds as well, like No Limits and Misfits mods. Still keeps rebooting.
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  5. T230A Scans, but nothing detected I have just received a TV tuner USB stick " DVB-T2 HDTV USB stick" I installed the driver, from https://www.mygica.com/support/ It installed fine and so does the HiDTV software, but the software Scans "Europe", at 8m after the lengthy scan, nothing is displayed, no error nothing, no channels even though I say the Display shows 100 % in parts of the scan. I tried this https://sichbopvr.com/ and another piece of software and it works OK, showing that the HiTV software is somehow not compatible? Showing that my aerial is functioning OK Any fixes to this please?
  6. ATV585 I have reset my device and it wont update my Netflix to the latest version....is there another option as the play store does reflect Netflix
  7. Mygica U800 Drivers + HD Cap software It took me hours to find, and I believe someone will find this useful in the future. These are the drivers for the Mygica U800 capture card, and the software to record it, since OBS or anything don't recognize it. They're both in a single .zip file. HD Cap is a little weird, so you'll want to make sure that your "to be captured" device is running, and you might have to unplug/plug in the capture card one or multiple times. https://www.mediafire.com/file/vqby6sik1nrnx90/U800+Drivers+++HDCap.zip/file
  8. Webcam for Mygica atv429x I have 3 children and 2 laptops and all 3 kids have to start school online at the same time on Wednesday so I thought maybe I can use the smart TV box for the youngest one. I have managed to download Zoom Cloud Conference onto the smart TV box and it works fine but I now need to set up a microphone and webcam so that there is a picture and sound going out. What webcam if any will work with the atv 429x. If no webcam works with that model what are my other options?
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  10. Play store Good day, Can someone please help me, we have rest our "Mygiga Quad core enjoy tv box" by now Google play is not certified?? Dstv and ather apps dont want to work or update. Please help!! Asap
  11. Thanks Hanke! Yes I did try other ports...I've ordered another remote as I think it's perhaps too old now and in the meantime I've thankfully discovered that connecting a mouse directly to the mygica works for now!
  12. I suspect you have tried to move the USB dongle to another usb port of the device, if you have one available. Not sure which device your are using. I have had issues with the ATV1800 and ATV1900 where inside on the main board of the device there is goop which spreads overtime and causes the usb port on the main board to not function correctly due to the goop. People have opened the box and carefully tried to remove the goop from the main board by the usb port. It is a very sensitive task and can cause damage to the main board if not done carefully. Once this goop has been cleaned away with alcohol and scraped carefully away my usb ports have again functioned. Not sure if this is helpful in your case. I have done this and the usb port functioned again. Good luck.
  13. Kr41 remote no red light My Kr-41 remote has been playing up lately, where the air mouse cursor freezes or it doesn't work & I have to unplug the power a few times. I tried to pair it again by removing the USB & pressing volume & page up. Red lights, not blue flashed and now no red lights appear at all and it has stopped working completely. I've changed the batteries also but it seems like maybe the remote is broken?? I've had it for a few years now. Do I need to get a new one?
  14. Hi, I have A ATV1960 S912 with a KR303 remote. Worked perfectly before I did the 7.1.2 upgrade... Remote works fine until I switch off the the device on the power off option. The device does not switch on with the remote again. I have to unplug the device and power it again for the device to start booting up again. PS: I noticed that the led light on the device does not switch from green to red after power off via the remote. Please help this is annoying.
  15. I have MyGica ATV495 MAX bought 18 months ago from Best Buy store. It freezes often. So, How can I down load updates to stop this problem. Thanks. Sincerely, Karur.
  16. Netflix not supported I have my MyGica 1900 pro for the past few years, no issues, recently Netflix not working (not supported) and also a message "Reached the limit of licenses, please contact licensors to purchase again"
  17. Can't install Downloader from the Play Store Hi, There in no option to download Downloader from the Play Store, and when I try to download some apps, it says "not compatible with your device". Thanks.
  18. I was wondering I have a kr-41 remote I did the proper steps same thing only blue lights come on but doesn't seem like the remote is paired so do I need to get a mouse also. Nothing works i did the steps over and over and samething.
  19. Now you can use the Thop TV app on your device. In this app, you can watch lots of TV channels.
  20. So I opened my unit and found what looked like something had leaked out over some of the circuits - seems like some kind of glue or rubbery compound, maybe from something that heated up during the operation of the unit. Anyway, I followed the advice of another user on here who seems to have had the same problem and I too cleaned it up using earbuds and methylated spirits, probably similar to rubbing alcohol. It took a while though to get it all cleaned up cause that compound was all over the circuits. Once cleaned up, I tested the unit and that issue with the wifi was resolved. So open up your unit and see if that's your problem too. The screws are under the pads on the underside of the unit - 4 of them.
  21. Cuan


    Showmax Please help with showmax. I am able to play the trailor but when I want to watch the movie it's just a blank screen.
  22. So has MyGica still not found a solution for the DSTV app 2 years after DSTV stopped working on their device? Must we now just throw away theses TV boxes? Surely that can’t be the solution! Anyone?
  23. I want to edit some short videos shot while I watch movies on Netflix, the kinemaster pro app can help me with that.
  24. ATV485X android 6.0 TV Box Hi Guys, desperately need assistance / advice...i have a MyGica ATV485X, i lost my remote and cannot seem to turn my box on. had it packed away for a while until we moved house but cannot seem to locate the remote now, i use the usb pot from my tv for power to the box, the red light is on with the power indicator constant red but nothing else happens, i tried pushing the button to switch it on but nothing happens, i even tried holding the power button down for a few seconds but also nothing. so basically it seems like i have to use a remote control to switch this box on....please confirm, please help....!!!
  25. Bump! Trying to finish converting VHS to digital, and I bought a new computer. Now I can't convert anymore. Please make a 64-bit version!
  26. Netflix Mod apk is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your favorite device.Get this free application as a part of your Netflix membership and you can instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies on your Android TV device.
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