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  2. I bought an ematic Netflix box. It's got android tv9. Google certified and also Netflix certified. Surprisingly has the same specs as my 495max, yet running Android 9 and certified for all the stuff a person needs. Stopped wasting my time with this brand though. They were once very good--and had regular updates and actually cared about aftersales. I have had 3 of there boxes in the past. The 495 max is sure to be my last. No support, no updates, no development.
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  4. I have the same problem. We moved from one home to another five states away, and I lost my disc and product key. Can I buy a download to get a new one, please?
  5. @delacosta78 Is there an update on this?
  6. @admin Is this ever going to be fixed? Just be honest. If you guys say no, we will begrudgingly accept.
  7. Last week
  8. so slow you cannot open any apps useful. Worst buy of my life. Takes about 5minutes to open Showmax. Anothe 10 to open a search. Biggest piece of sh*t on the market. I cannot believe they sell somthing like this and expect people to not complain.
  9. I had faced this issue a lot of time while accessing Netflix, Actually, in my country, Netflix doesn't work, so I use VPN to access Netflix, Last month I had to change my VPN, and now I am streaming Netflix without a single error.
  10. Has anyone been able to solve this problem... I've done all of the steps above and tried to pair the remote with the Giga box again and it does not pair. It just continues to flash red on the remote. Any suggestion or assistance would be appreciated.
  11. Hi, I recently took the gadget out because I need it and when I press record, nothing happens. I'd really like to try these firmwares but the links are all broken. Is there any chance that someone could reupload them?
  12. Audio problems with usb video capture I’m using USB video capture capit to transfer vhs video to my computer. The vhs tape has decent sound quality when I play it on a television but when I capture onto my computer using the device the sound is choppy and distorted. The same thing happened when I tried recording the vhs tape onto a dvd before I bought the video capture device. Any ideas where the problem may lie and how to resolve so that I get decent sound?
  13. No one helped? phim sex, phim sex viet nam, phim sex hd
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  15. Hey Guys! Check this anyone get this deal?? Any reviews? As they're offering Lifetime Subscription in just $20 https://fastestvpn.com/lifetime-special-deal
  16. Bored at home during this COVID-19 pandemic Hello Guys! What're you doing in such state. I'm getting bored day by day. Any quick suggestions what're your activities in such situations. Let's engage to spend time and making new friends😃😃
  17. Latest Firmware 2020 - MyGica HD Cap X I (ONE) Please, which is the last one? I'm recently using this: " HD CAPX Firmware- Jan-28-16 " Is it the latest update MyGica HD Cap X I (no two, no two, ONE)? Please send me the last one!! Wait... Thanks!
  18. MyGica media box glitching There are glitches across all apps on the media box. The glitches started off roughly 10 minutes apart now it every minute or so. Tried swithching on off, unplugging and replugging HDMI cablesl and different TVs but the problem persists. Please l assist.
  19. DSTV now (Google certified) I'm considering buying MyGica ATV495X but from comments it seems as if the unit is not google certified and does not support "DSTV now". is that still the case or it now does support DSTV
  20. A681 + Win 10 x64 on Surface Pro 6 + TM = Resolution not supported Just bought an A681 from Amazon.ca. Installed the x64 drivers (the setup program did this automatically) and downloaded and installed TotalMedia Plugged it into a USB 3 hub connected to my MS Surface Pro 6. I went to Windows -> Settings -> Devices -> Other Devices and noted it listed the A681 as "ATSC USB Stick" When I run the TotalMedia program, I get the following error message in a message box: "The resolution is not supported under current settings." The Surface Pro 6 is running Win x64 with it's native screen (2736 x 1824, with text, apps and other items scaled to 200%). There's also an external 4K monitor hooked up via the USB C interface. I'm using DisplayFusion on that and have it partitioned into 4 1920x1080 virtual monitors. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  21. nicksmith

    DRM error

    Mine to. Did you get yours sorted?
  22. ATV495MAX Firmware The only firmware currently available for the ATV495MAX is the beta patch for Netflix coming in at about 60 MB. A full set of firmware should weigh in at close to 512MB. Could you please post actual firmware for the ATV495MAX (any version would do). You seem to have it for other devices, but not for the ATV495MAX.
  23. Has the link been edited out of the original post? Are the Android 9 ROMS available anywhere else? What happened with the beta?
  24. I forgot to ask for the "Cap X I firmware" as well.
  25. Sorry... My capture card is MyGica HD Cap X (without II)... but I don't know. Send a driver for Cap X-II too.
  26. Driver HD Cap X for stream Hello guys, I need driver for MyGica HD Cap X for stream. I use Windows 7 64x. Help me fast!
  27. Justin


    That error means the app you're trying to install doesn't work with Android 4.4 on your 586
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