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  5. I had a similar experience and after cleaning the pc board it worked perfectly.
  6. Thanks for your contribution, can you tell us about Black KineMaster APK?
  7. Ok I put the firmware on a different USB stick and did a hardware format and it upgraded. I found that the Geniatech STB we're using does not support HDCP. I googled and found that if you use a HDMI splitter then things work as the HDCP gets stripped out. It seems not all HDMI splitters do this. I ordered off Amazon a U9LTD model VHD-1X2MN3D. There was a newer version but delivery time was longer as I needed to test so I had this one two days later. Put the splitter in between the HDMI source and the HD Cap-XII. Then the driver will start to work and you'll see stuff in preview. please note the driver/OBS is still reporting SD (720x480 as well as a smaller res) BUT it is capturing in HD as long as you supply it. The driver also still doesn't have any formats to display except I think it's any and one component one. But again it's working. The folks in China are going to attempt to debug why the driver is not reporting the correct resolutions etc. Stay tuned.
  8. why is there NO recent posts since 2018? I need assistance with an update fir my atv 1960.
  9. the posting date is 2018 saying the issue was fixed? so am I to assume the problem has not been resolved?
  10. maybe it takes awhile? I powered down no update notification
  11. box will not wake up. I need the fix for my atv 1960 timing out and won't come out of sleep mode. there is a fix for other boxes I read. I have to unplug to use it after tv goes to sleep
  12. I need the fix for my atv 1960 timing out and won't come out of sleep mode. there is a fix for other boxes I read. I have to unplug to use it after tv goes to sleep
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  14. Can I use a USB to download the latest version of firmware? I have a ATV 495 pro and I wanted to update it to the newest version. In the description it says that I have to use a Micro SD but since I don’t have that I wanted to see if I can follow the steps and use a USB instead. Is my system going to brick if I use a USB?
  15. My gica 495 pro stuck on loading screen My gica pro is frozen on the seeing is believing screen and since I am new to this, I don’t really know what to do. This happened after I unplugged the system by accident while it was still on all help is appreciated
  16. SUCCESS !!!! After numerous attempts at logging in with my existing gmail account and getting the error " there was a problem communicating with google servers". I tried everything from update Google Services to clearing cache , playing around with host files etc. After trying logging in on google play store setup window with "Existing" i decided for the fun of it to try "New" and follow the setup to create a new google account. After going throught the setup "VIOLA" i was in and seems to be working now with new account . Which is really weird . But F it , its working and thats all that i care about Hope this helps others as i have spent 2 sleepless nights trying to fix this !!!! Cheers Gav
  17. Same issue after a reset . Can some please help . Was working (as in a few hours ago) prior to resetting my device to factory settings . I have cleared cache on the Google play app, Google play service etc. Please help or advise ?
  18. so far they checked some things and sent me firmware for the box but it does not upgrade. waiting on their response. tried another laptop on older Windows 10 and got same results. Leon
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  20. I am using the WhatsApp Plus app on my device. It has lots of features than the original WhatsApp app...
  21. HD Cap XII Windows 10 drivers I recently received this last week (end of june 2021). I finally got the driver downloaded from the mygica site (and also the Geniatech folks sent it to me directly) and the same results as everyone else here: 1. Driver installed in device manager says Roxio 2. Adding a video capture source shows an ITC 9910 filter. If you use this, it old seems to select standard definition but nothing still comes in from HDMI I have a working relationship with geniatech and hopefully they will respond to me tonight Eastern time. Also, the power adapter was with a two pin UK/European plug not a US plug. I ordered an adapter from Amazon that works. The micro usb connector is what should be connected to the PC. The USB-A connector goes to a USB drive. That's what I have as of now (7/4/21 - 4:15 PM EDT) Leon
  22. Ianbew


    Ian I have a 1900 Pro but can't load DSTV NOW the Google store day this is not a certified device how can I fix this
  23. Ianbew


    Ian You say the pro 1900 is goggle certified but I can't load DSTV NOW is comes back and says the device is not Google certified .how can it be fixed
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