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  3. listen to Radio deutschland to keep up to date with the latest news and listen to your favorite songs.
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  5. I am interested in enhancing my new site's awareness, and among internet marketing agencies that focus on enhancing a client's website's reputation, I have the most appeal to those who create websites after carefully taking into account every factor of the client's needs. As a rule, top digital marketing agencies come up with solutions that provide user-friendly websites that draw in more visitors.
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  8. Listen to the radio station Deutschland German radio deutschland is a great way to practice your language skills and learn about Germany. You can tune in to Radio deutschland on the ground or stream them using your computer, tablet or phone. Some of the best German radio programs include news and music. You can also find many podcasts designed to improve your German fluency. There are a large number of German radio stations on the market and you can find them all over the country. It's important to know your favorite genre and look for shows that fit it. A good place to start is the national public radio service, ARD. Their various regional channels are all good sources for German uplifting programming. BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk) and NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk) are particularly good choices for general news, but they also have many other programs that can be helpful to improve your German fluency. Another option is to use a listening tool like FluentU, which takes authentic music videos, movies, and inspirational talks and turns them into personalized language lessons. You can try it for free to see how it works. In Germany, there are more than a hundred public radio stations and about four hundred commercial stations. All are licensed by the media and must pay a radio tax to cover the cost. Those who fail to pay this amount can be fined and even jailed.
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  10. MyGica A681B Ubuntu Drivers I need the MyGica A681B Ubuntu Drivers without have to compile it or use the terminal I need a easy way to install the drivers
  11. CLOSED: I figured out this issue. The phone case was not allowing the USB-C port to seat correctly. Removed the case and everything worked fine.
  12. Google Pixel 6 Pro Not Detecting MyGica Tuner I just recieved my new MyGica Pad TV tuner. I downloaded the Pad TV HD app and installed it just fine. I attached the tuner to the usb-c port and when I start the app it says No Device. I really can't figure out which model tuner I have because it doesn't say on the box. I did notice the connector on the tuner is a very loose fit and it falls out just by tipping the phone up. Does this sound right? Phone: Google Pixel 6 Pro Android Version: 13 Build TQ1A.221205.011 Thanks
  13. I need the drivers for ubuntu Desktop that is all ready build and easy to install and not have to use the terminal commands
  14. Yes you are right, this is an amazing article, I really enjoy it. Thank you!
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  16. Just wanted to say I followed the instructions to the letter and it worked fine. Was also a bit worried reading all the comments about people that bricked their devices but mine worked perfectly.
  17. jt whatsapp downloading has many features and is the light version of WhatsApp’s modified version. It serves as a perfect alternative to the official WhatsApp as it offers you many options. The official WhatsApp has privacy updates and offers limited features.
  18. GBWhats App GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the WhatsApp Messenger app for Android devices. It is developed by a third-party developer and is not officially endorsed by WhatsApp. gb-whats.app adds additional features and customizations that are not available in the official version of the app. Some examples of these additional features include the ability to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device, hiding the "last seen" timestamp, and the ability to use custom themes and fonts. Features GBWhatsApp is a modded version of the popular WhatsApp messaging app that adds a number of additional features not found in the original app. Some of the features of GBWhatsApp include: The ability to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on the same device. The ability to hide your online status, last seen, blue ticks, and second tick. The ability to schedule messages to be sent at a later time. The ability to send larger files and videos than the original app allows. The ability to use custom themes and customize the app's interface. The ability to copy status updates and share them with others. The ability to lock the app with a password or fingerprint. A built-in app locker that can lock specific apps on the device.
  19. This is indeed very useful information, Netflix mod apk Tech Loky has always been one of the hottest movie watching apps today, it's great.
  20. I hope you got some customer service in the background on this. I'm interested in one of these ever since my AverMedia AverTV Volar Hybrid Q konked out as soon as the 22H2 update to windows 11 kicked in; hence why I'm reading about troubles re win11 compatibility. That said I got the AverTV 2nd hand in 2020 for $25; since it broke down I've tried everything but also learned it's a 10 year old product, and drivers/software are 5 years old.
  21. I used to download the mod of games online free no download on the untrustworthy site, then my computer was infected with a virus and had to reinstall the operating system. You should find websites that also provide reliable mods to use
  22. The mod files you should download from reputable websites, so your computer is not threatened by viruses. I used a game mod from an untrusted website and then my computer got infected with a virus. I have reinstalled the operating system and accept the loss of all data. Don't be like me
  23. Water Turbidity Indicator Design Principles We usually use turbidity to measure the quality of water, which is considered accurate and it can clearly reflect the quality of water. In fact, we consider particles in water larger than 2 microns to be turbid. Next we will make a simple electronic project of water turbidity indicator. Before starting this project we need to prepare some cheap PCB components and understand the general concept of water turbidity indicator. Description of Easy Water Turbidity Indicator The above picture is the schematic diagram of this simple circuit, through which we can design water quality inspection equipment for low viscosity, low corrosive liquids, such as streams, lakes, etc. As shown in the picture above, this project is based on ASAIR's AZDM01 photoelectric turbidity sensor. AZDM01 is a photoelectric turbidity sensor, which can be operated by applying a voltage of 5V across it, and a larger voltage requires replacing the resistor. After being powered on, AZDM01 can emit an infrared beam with a wavelength of 940nm, which can easily pass through the liquid to be tested. When the sensor inside AZDM01 receives the light signal, it will convert the light intensity into an analog output signal to estimate the turbidity of the target liquid. The figure below shows the data obtained from the official website of the AZDM01 turbidity sensor: The rest of the PCBA is a single-supply dual operational amplifier based on the LM358 IC (IC1A). Here the op amp is configured as a coarse inverting voltage comparator. It is worth noting that a comparator is a device that can have two inputs. Usually we use normal op amps that have their outputs not close to the supply rails, but somewhere in between, but that's not a significant number in this simple application. In this water turbidity indicator, when the supply voltage is less than the threshold voltage, the output of the operational amplifier moves to the positive rail. Similarly, when the supply voltage is greater than the threshold voltage, it moves toward the negative rail. Resistor divider R3-R4 and supply voltage set the threshold voltage. From the schematic diagram of the PCB, when the power supply voltage of the turbidity sensor is applied to the 2.2KΩ load resistance, the current will be greater than the rated value, and the green indicator light is on at this time, which means that the tested liquid is clear. On the contrary, when the red indicator light is on, it means that the tested liquid is cloudy. To limit the current flow, we will add a 100Ω resistor to the board to ensure proper operation of the circuit. It is worth mentioning that we have installed another resistor with a resistance value of 510Ω inside the simple version of the turbidity sensor for the same purpose as above. As shown below Assembly and functional testing First of all, we need to install the core circuit board components on the PCB, and conduct a simple test on it to ensure that the circuit can operate normally according to the design principle. Submerge the simple version of the turbidity sensor in clean water and observe whether the green LED lights up. Submerge the simple version of the turbidity sensor in turbid water and watch for the red LED to light up. PCB assembly needs to pay attention to whether the components correspond to the positions on the schematic diagram, otherwise failures may occur, and components need to be desoldered to rebuild. Summarize If the prototype works fine, the water turbidity indicator circuit can be moved to a perf board or custom printed circuit board. A suitable housing can also be used to protect the entire electronics. As a side note, a static threshold is used here, but it can be changed to a dynamic threshold by replacing the voltage divider with a 100KΩ trimpot or potentiometer. Additionally, an unused operational amplifier (IC1B) can be connected as a unity-gain buffer/voltage follower, feeding the analog output of the turbidity sensor (AN_OP) directly to a microcontroller such as an Arduino Uno or Raspberry Pi pico.
  24. Your games are cool, but online games are just as fun, give it a go, I've tried it
  25. Here we have very cool and interesting Online Games we always update all hot and latest game titles
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  27. this information is very helpful thank you
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