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  2. Stock 7.1 firmware for ATV495Max Download here Archive file size: 781 MB Model: MyGica ATV495Max TV Box Platform: AMLogic S905x System: Android version 7.1
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  4. Update Hello, how can I model mygica? Update tv586
  5. Also from Cape Town. - I have the image for 7.1 for my ATV1960 from the Mygica site but it fails on installation. It states: "package for 'stvs9' devices; this is a 'stvs912' " My unit was fine till I tried to update Netflix from Google Play Store. The media player is not certified for newer Netflix versions. Now it keeps asking for access credentials and won't load. I can use Netflix on other devices so I know my Netflix account is ok. All other features work on my ATV1960, just the Netflix is broken Is there a way to update the Android version 6.1 .? Thanks Best Regards Colin
  6. MyGica 1960 freezing and remote goes unresponsive I just bought this atv1960 model and use it for kodi with crew and seren. Got from Amazon and all set up and started well. Running new Nexus. Tried to watch some streamed shows on seren with real debrid and after about 10 min the screen freezes and the remote is unresponsive completely. Have to unplug and replug unit to get rebooted. Then fine for a while and repeat. So tried crew with a movie and same thing. Gave up after 4 times. What is going on? Old kodi worked great. Forget the model i had but it ran matrix and was great. Will that old remote work in this one maybe? Or it the unit itself causing this? So weird as works beautifully then bam. Frozen and no way out but the power plug
  7. Firmware hd capx II Hello friends, All news here are about one year old, maybe no one will read my message in a bottle. I work with about ten hd capx II and some hd capx I Capx 1 work great (some of them no work at all but working daily for years) so I bought some capx 2 Some capx 2 stop recording with no reason. Can one of you can provide me a working firmware, all links are dead in the forum. Thank you. Take care of you and your family.
  8. No Audio. When will the APP be fixed???? For Pad TV usb c connector for android smart phones. Currently ver. **109 does not support any audio. I've downloaded **094 and it automatically updates to ***109 with NO AUDIO! When will this fix be available??? Regards,
  9. i had a similar problem and was able to fix it
  10. Can one of you PLEASE share that firmware zip file again. The link shared by Hendri in 2020 has expired
  11. I've noticed a performance degradation since upgrading to Pie. I also noticed that the system is running as armv7 (32 bit) rather than aarch64 (64 bit) that it was previously. For now I'd probably suggest staying on v7 for this reason, unless there's a specific reason you need a higher version
  12. Thanks for this Just a few notes. I was running on the Syntech version (patch_ATV495Max_7.1_Syntech_CTS_20191029.img). While flashing 'enjoytv-ota-9.0_20190227.img' (using the built-in updater app), the flash failed about half way, and any subsequent reboots only landed up in recovery mode. The good news is, I was able to wipe data/factory reset, and then successfully flash 'enjoytv-ota-9.0_20190227.img' from that recovery (I used a FAT32 formatted SD-CARD, as it wasn't detecting my USB drive, and after rebooting, was met with the new Geniatech boot screen and started loaded up great. Then more bad news: Once I got to the welcome screen, it says "Hold Home and Left while holding the remote near the box". This seemed like a dead end because the MyGica remote does not seem to be detected on this ROM when holding down those two buttons!! The good news: After sweating for hours thinking I'd just turned this TV box into another paperweight, I came accross this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOr32WdeNlo which basically shows how you can hold down the OK and BACK buttons to put the remote into pairing mode. BINGO, the welcome screen now recognized my remote, but was still having a hard time pairing at first. I realized that I had to also press the HOME and LEFT buttons as asked, but only after I started the pairing process with the OK and BACK buttons as described earlier. Timing is key here, but if I could get it right, so can you. I'm now up and running on Android 9 on what almost turned into trash! Can't express how relieved I am about that
  13. Hi Guys, Error 5.2 on Netflix indicates a problem with your internet connection. Try restarting your device, checking your network settings, or contacting your internet service provider for assistance. Happy streaming.
  14. I think what you need is the latest mod apk versions
  15. Tried to download but site was blocked on every device I tried
  16. https://android-apk.org/com.Pad.tvapp/63109960-padtv-hd/
  17. https://android-apk.org/com.Pad.tvapp/63109960-padtv-hd/
  18. No Audio, only video There is now no audio from the Pad TV tuner, mygica usb c dongle. I have two of the dongles neither now have audio. Only video. Tried on two different smart phones......two different pad tv tuner dongggles......... must be software update related?
  19. what info? where is the version 3.000.94? how to download?
  20. what info? where is the version 3.000.94? how to download?
  21. No Audio There is now no audio from the Pad TV tuner, myica. I have two of the dongles neither now have audio. Only video. Tried on two different smart phones......... must be software update related?
  22. Thankyou for such a great article and this usefull information read more about Kinemaster pro apk
  23. Cool, thanks for the info- I just installed version & sound is working. Guess I'll hold onto it now I know the hardware at least is OK..:)
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