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  4. Same here. About two years ago the KR-303 suddenly stop working and keep like that for about a year, after that it suddenly start working again and earlier this 2022 passed away again, anyway my atv1960 keep freezing always since I bought it, pretty frustrated with this brand. I bought a a95x and it's like a paradise in comparison.
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    I tried! Thanks for the contribution!
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  8. Then why not post it on APKMirror.com for testing as betas... Nothing is working correctly on nVidia Shield Pro 2019 with all the latest updates, I can ONLY get 5 of the 20+ channels available in my location!!! I can get the plugged into my LG G30 with Android 9 but, not Motorola RAZR with Android 11 or the One+ 8T with Android 12, it won't even start on it!!! Are y'all going to ever update this?!? Why doesn't it integrate into Live TV on Android TV?!? Even the worthless plugin doesn't work with it!!! Using PadTV HD with 681C ATSC USB-C unit, purchased last month. Been working on it for a few weeks still no joy!
  9. It is not available in official playstore. but you can find it on the web. Check Amazon Prime Video Mod APK
  10. Mygica KR-303 Remote Dead Help Please I have an ATV1960 box and up until today it has worked fine without any problems. Today I turned on the ATV1960 using my KR-303 remote. Remote was dead so I connected the USB cable and charged it for 24 hours. It has not charged at all. Red light comes on but no blue light. It can do nothing. Please advise how to fix. The remote does NOT take batteries. Thanks Hugh
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    App suggestions

    Why not to try free demo of Netflix?
  12. This is still not available on the play store for the ATVmax device. Is there not a beta version available like with Netflix?
  13. ATV598MAX factory fw image AndroidTV 9 Hi , is there any chance that someone can provide this firmware ? or dump by himself to make it available ? it ll be greatly appreciated THX
  14. MyGica HD Cap X-II Hello, two questions: Can someone post the most recent firmware of the HD Cap X-II? Can someone post a time/date-set file? I believe: a txt-file for booting the HD Cap X-II. Maybe zxl can help: https://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/profile/6413-zxl/
  15. You can send texts, videos, images, and documents using WhatsApp, but they must fit within a specified size and cannot be bigger than the size limit. With WhatsApp Plus, you can raise these constraints or even double them. Download Now: https://cocservers.net/download-whatsapp-plus-apk/
  16. overseas will my A681B work in the Philipines? Its been working from the US
  17. Mr. R. R Schwarz Where can I purchase a remote for my magic black box? Or a universal remote for it? And have someone help me setup my smart t. V connection. Please help. Technical Support guys. Regards Ryan Ross Schwarz What's app. Contact only : +2774 808 9827 Cell no. +2762 599 4338
  18. I received new software via email. I saved to usb drive, attached to usb port on device, applied power to device, and waited. how does one know if the firmware was successfully installed? is there a way to query installed firmware?
  19. Black kinemaster premium pro mod apk is really cool apps for amdroid loverss
  20. Records using CVBS but nothing using HDMI I am recording material that I created so there are no possible copyright issues. I am able to record this material using the HD CAP CVBS inputs but have not been able to record anything using the HDMI input. When I tried recording this material using the HDMI input the HDMI LED is solid blue and I am able to view the material on the monitor so the HD CAP is passing the signal but when I press the record button the record light stays off and nothing is recorded to the USB drive.
  21. Google Indic keyboard has stopped working I cannot sign into my account as this requires a password. My entire experience on all apps is now ruined. Can someone please help me sort this out.
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    Mrs The DSTV now app was previously on Mygica tv box but now it requires me to update the app. How do I reinstall the dstv now app on a Mygica ATV495MAX? is there a support number that I can call as communicating online is inconvenient.
  23. Instructions to fix the screen shrink on Mygica ATV1900AC Instructions to fix the screen shrink on Mygica ATV1900AC MyGica ATV1900AC is a new Android TV Box series launched around August 2015 but has received very good reviews from users. With 5.0 Lollipop operating system for faster application processing performance, everything runs smoother than Android 4.4.2 KitKat. However, because it has just been released, Mygica ATV1900AC still has some small errors that are not Full screen for some applications such as DangcapHD, FPT Play ... but the screen is reduced vertically, so the following article Hieuhien.vn will guide you. How do you fix this error? As the official distributor of Android TV Box products in Vietnam market, after receiving user comments about Mygica ATV1900AC products, Hieuhien.vn discussed with Mygica about the issues. that users encounter so that they can promptly correct the error. In this time, Hieuhien.vn discussed 2 issues: – Some applications such as DangcapHD, FPT Play… are minimized when used on Mygica ATV1900AC – There is no Taskbar for quick actions at the bottom of the screen like Mygica ATV1800E Plus Right after that, Mygica immediately sent a Patch to fix the problem of the application being minimized on Mygica ATV1900AC, and the problem of the Taskbar, Mygica promised to have an update in the near future because this requires a longer editing time. Currently, users can fix the error of DangcapHD, FPT Play ... being minimized on Mygica ATV1900AC according to the following instructions, otherwise, they can wait until the upcoming automatic update via OTA of Mygica ATV1900AC will have a fix available. this is in there. ———————————————————————————— Step 1: Use your computer to download the following patch file and copy it to USB and then attach the USB to Mygica ATV1900AC: DOWNLOAD Step 2: On Mygica ATV1900AC open the application called "Upgrade", select "Local update", select the Patch file named "Update_Hieuhien.vn_FIX_ATV1900AC.img" downloaded in the USB to update. Then you wait a bit, Mygica ATV1900AC will automatically reboot and install this Patch. After successful installation, open the DangcapHD application and you will see the normal full screen like on other Android TV Boxes. ———————————————————————————— Specific steps with pictures: 1.Select the app “Upgrade” 2.Select “Local update” 3.Select Patch file “Update_Hieuhien.vn_FIX_ATV1900AC.img” 4.Select “OK” to start the update 5.Mygica ATV 1900AC will automatically reboot and install this Patch 6.DangcapHD is full screen after updating Hope this information will be useful to you. If you need help or want to read more knowledge, please visit my blog to read more. My blog: bồn tắm xây Thank you very much
  24. Mygica is one of the older ones and I don't know if it's still appealing to consumers? Some of Mygica's products that I am most interested in: Mygica ATV1800e - Android TV box Mygica ATV1800E Plus
  25. Mygica ATV1800 - Amlogic S802 Quadcore CPU, Octa Core GPU It must be said that the name ATV1800 has been familiar for too long in 2013, users must have been looking forward to ATV1800 a lot, but until the middle of this year, it still could not reach everyone. With the long-term strategic cooperation of ITVPLUS with MyGica in many exclusive and OEM projects up to now, ITVPLUS is the first reputable representative to have ATV1800 on hand for testing in Vietnam market. We have to wait until the end of this June to have the official version on hand, with many changes compared to the original design that surprised even distributors and users. A few pictures ATV1800 - official commercial version. Advantages: - With high configuration S802 quad-core chip, 2g ram, 16g memory, fast and smooth multitasking is felt quite clearly. - Online play features: watching movies, watching TV, karaoke, music... all well supported, compatible software, fast processing speed, smooth viewing, no jerky. - Play offline: with high quality movies, ATV1800 handles well, 1920x1080p standard images with full HD movies, beautiful photos, miner, darker colors, not to mention 4K movies, must say is much more beautiful than the rockchip generations, talking about the image, it is true that Amlogic chip eats away compared to rockchip, this even on ATV1200, ATV3200 also see. - ATV1800 is very strong on XBMC both online / offline, watching movies / watching tv, listening to music... output DTS and Dolby sound delicious. Watch online on HDrepo without full cache error. Defect: - Like X8-H or S82B, the ATV1800 also cannot play 3D, which is too simple on the junior versions ATV1200, ATV3200 - DTS audio and Dolby passthrough via optical, using XBMC.
  26. HD CAP X-II Poll I'm interested in experiences of others with the HD CAP X-II Video Capture device. Please give your opinion anonymously. Thanks!
  27. HD Cap X-II problems The MyGica HD Cap X-II I bought: stops and produces corrupted mp4-files. It seems not able to choose between 720p and 1040p. Red and Blue leds flashing constantly. The date of saved files is 2027. Why are the MEGA-links dead? Why can't we download the firmware somewhere else? How can I solve this problems? Do you have new firmware available? Thanks, Don
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