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  3. Have anyone been able to resolve the Disney plus issue? I have found this one for Android 5.1 (Lollipop) https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/disney/disney-android-tv/disney-android-tv-2-6-2-rc1-release/disney-android-tv-2-6-2-rc1-android-apk-download/download/?forcebaseapk=true It installs fine and the app opens up but now it says Disney plus is not available in my region. It however is available and I got it working on my cellphone with Android 11 and the app from the playstore. The issue is, how can I set the region on the 1900pro with Android 5.1? I cannot find the place to set that
  4. Stuck on pairing page Hi how do I bypass the remote pairing page as I cannot pair my remote because it broken
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  6. I've recently buyed a MyGiga T230A Hardware Info: VID_0572&PID_689A&REV_0800 SN: T230A202012280745. In Windows 10 the USB tv dongle is detected only as DVB-T tv tunner. Is any way / driver or program to change this USB TV Tunner to DVB-C mode in windows 10? In HiDTV application only scan in DVB-T mode and DVB-T frequencies. In DVB-Viewer DVB-C don't work either. Is this version with this hardware id VID_0572&PID_689A only a USB DVB-T tunner?
  7. MyGica X-II Non registra su USB-KEY o HD Buongiorno, il mio MyGica X-II non ha problemi nel ricevere il segnale e d inviarlo alla tv. Ma se tento di regisrare su un supporto USB la luce roosa dell'avvio registrazione non si accende e chiaramente non registra nulla. Ho provato con vari supporti e tipi di formattazione diversi, ma non cambia nulla.
  8. New Armbian-based Linux image for ATV 495X I've created a new Linux image for the ATV 495X, based on the Armbian Focal image. It is available at https://github.com/deonvdw/atvlinux/releases/tag/ATV495X-v1.00. This image includes a 5.10 kernel and HDMI, SD, USB, Sound (HDMI+AV), Ethernet and WIFI are all working. The image supports installing to the internal eMMC with or with the vendor u-boot.
  9. Remote Setup Failure Please please help! I've been trying to set up my ATV495max for days now and still don't have a response from support. Setup is skipping the step to connect my remote so I connected my mouse to use instead but I can't use it to type the wifi password. I don't have a keyboard to connect and I have tried holding down back and okay on my remote until it flashes but that doesn't do anything. I don't know what to do...
  10. How Mygica 1960 connect to IMAC COMPUTER Please help us figure out how to watch mygica 1960 box to IMAC computer. We do have the HDMI adapter and USB. But it won’t automatically connected. Please advise.
  11. Per impostare le suonerie per il tuo telefono, visita il sito Web di suonerie gratis per Android, dove ti aspettano migliaia di suonerie di qualità.
  12. Hi guys, did you solve the problem? I have a T230A tuner and I can't find dvb-c channels also.. Also have an Astrometa tuner which works ok. Thanks in advance!
  13. You can alternatively try the cinema hd app on your android smartphone. This is most popular one.
  14. kindly tell any one about Canadian city suggestions hi , i joined this forum for the best suggestion about # Top schemes in Gwadar . i know this is the best place to investment , But some time before investment survey is best approach .
  15. thanks for sharing such nice info about coolproof discussion , i am very much happy to join this forum and happy if you submitted my link .... # top 10 housing schemes in Gwadar that will create a boom of any investment .
  16. - While holding The power button, hookup the power cord at the back. - hold the power button for next 15 seconds and you will see a recovery screen. then let go of the power button. - Using your remote scroll and select Factory reset / Yes /
  17. Higher resolution image Here
  18. Cant find reset button on ATV329X Hi, So i wanted to try armbian on my tvbox(ATV329X). I flashed the image on a SD and i went on to booting from the card but i noticed a problem, there is no reset button. I suspected it was the hole in the center right (see picture below) but when inserted a paper clip it didn't make the characteristic sound of a push button switch. I tried booting from the software update app but it's either very useless or i need to root the device. If anyone knows if a reset button exist on this model and where is located, or knows an alternative method to boot from an sd card i would be immensely grateful
  19. Running Debian (Amrbian) on the ATV 585 Hi, I'm new to this forum so I apologize if this is in he wrong spot. I'm looking to run Linux (something like Armbian) on the Jadoo 4, a device I believe to be a re-branded ATV 585 (same processor, antenna, i/o positioning, etc). I've been following this tutorial for running Linux on devices using the S805 processor, but when I hold down the pin I end up in the recovery menu instead of just straight booting into Linux. Can anybody help me out? I think the problem is that this device has specific requirements for how the SD card should be formatted/setup . Would anybody happen to know (or perhaps have documentation) if the device is even capable of booting from an SD card, and if so, what requirements it has? Thanks.
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    you can use netflix mod apk at techbigs.com website, this app is compatible with all devices and very easy to use.
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    I had the same problem
  22. Mygica atv1960 Version: 7.1.2 Update package ATV1960_7.1_20191101
  23. Having the exact same problem .... please advise.
  24. hi you are the best fan of live tv channels then you must use this thoptv apk download
  25. atv 1960 original factory firmware 6.01 need factory firmware for atv1960 ver 6.01 where can i find it
  26. atv 1960 original foctory firmware 6.01 need factory firmware for atv1960 ver 6.01 where can i find it
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