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  1. Hi Justin, It is marketed as having voice search in a lot of websites. Example: https://www.costco.ca/MyGica-ATV-1900PRO-Android-Streaming-Box.product.100337789.html See the description: "With the new features of Android 5.1 Lollipop such as powerful and fun voice recognition, you can use your voice on apps or Chrome to do things like search, get directions and create reminders." But - no big deal - I don't really need it...
  2. Thanks Justin ! I was doing the right thing, I just wasn't being patient enough. I'm really happy with this device ! Great job, MyGica team !
  3. Thanks Justin, that confirms my suspicions, but that is not how the 1900 PRO is marketed. Anyhow, no big deal, I don't really need it. It's just that I probably looked like an idiot talking to my remote like Scotty in Star Trek: "bring up the formula for transparent aluminum"
  4. How to change apps displayed on Home screen I can't figure out how to change the apps displayed on the home screen using the remote control. I've tried hovering over the app and holding down the Home key but that just select the app. Is there a trick to this? Thanks!
  5. Voice Search (Microphone) How do I get voice search working? Google always says it didn't catch anything. Does the remote with the 1900 PRO even have a microphone (I can't see one)? Thanks
  6. Cannot Add Apps to Favorites Just got a new ATV 1900 PRO. Having trouble adding apps to the first page. When I go to "applications" and hold down the OK button, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks !
  7. OK Button doesn't work on KODI 17.1 Just got a new ATV 1900 PRO. Having trouble with the OK Button when trying to select menu items in KODI 17.1. I have to click it many many times for it to (sometimes) work, and sometimes it just doesn't work at all. Am I doing something wrong? I couldn't find a setting to fix this. Thanks!
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