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  1. I eventually gave up with the 495pro as none of my issues were being addresses. As an example, Dolby Digital and DTS problems have been with us since the box was released (nearly two years) with promises that fixes would be coming. But they never did. Netflix scrolling issues - Still with us. Then the box was deemed non certified by Google - So apps that i needed (DSTV Now) were no longer supported. One of the answers i got for this issue was that new boxes would be released. That just "irked" me (being nice for the forum) as i was now expected to buy a new myGica instead of having the one i spent money on fixed. I bit the bullet and got an Apple TV - More expensive, granted. But i have never looked back. Now my kids use the 495 on a standalone TV with a HDD plugged in for their movies.
  2. Thought it was DSTV Now? - Is showmax affected also?
  3. Bucks_Fizz


    However i don't think this will resolve your issue of the DSTV Now app as it is in't available on the Apple App Store either - Only via airplay at the moment - Although they are working on developing an app... The point is unless the mygica devices magically get Google Certification, DSTV Now App won't work
  4. Bucks_Fizz


    I wouldn't count on it. This is just another problem that surfaces after you have bought the device. First was the DTS and Dolby sounds not working (see the board - this issue is unresolved after a year). Now the device is not google certified because of a "hardware / os issue". The answer on the board was that they will bring out new devices to address this issue - which is useless for me. So i followed the advice of a couple of other people on the board - Ditched the mygica and went appletv.
  5. Bucks_Fizz


    Hi, There is a topic discussing this in the forum. Look for Device uncertified - Google Play
  6. As stated in other topics, this device is not Google Certified. Mygica posted they will be releasing new hardware soon... Wonder if they will "swap out" our existing boxes which we paid for?
  7. So our existing boxes will no longer be suitable? Seems a bit unfair
  8. Hi Justin, New version? Software or Hardware
  9. Just saw this posted on the web: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/gadgets/251211-dstv-now-only-works-on-official-android-tv-boxes.html According to this report, Google-certified media boxes available in South Africa include the Telkom LIT, Mi Box, and Nvidia Shield devices. Nothing on MyGica?
  10. Sorry but no. I don't see the point of having to go backwards. What are you planning on doing when Kodi 18 (Leia) is released? "Advise" we don't install? And for the record, i been having this problem since i bought the box which came preinstalled with Kodi 16. I religiously updated each time a new version was released with the hope the issue would be resolved - Didn't happen.
  11. Thought i would check in to see of any movement on this issue. Unfortunately still nothing. I also have to look at alternatives. Currently my 495 pro is gathering dust in a drawer and i use a laptop with HDMI connected instead. Will be checking other TV Boxes over the next couple of months... Sorry Mygica - won't be any of your products
  12. Hi Support, Yip i was one of the non-succesful ones. Thanks for trying though and here's hoping the engineers are on the right track...
  13. So happy 2018 to one and all, Has there been any progress made on this issue?
  14. This statement worries me!! Yes the box plays most video formats. Yes it shows pictures. It does NOT play all soundtracks. However the statement of "we are releasing new boxes with a lot more options for audio" tells me, as a customer and someone who has lived with the issues on this box for almost a year, that nothing will be done on the existing product line. Rather be expected to go and get a new box with more options? This is one customer who will not fall into that trap
  15. Hi Support, You need to understand our frustration! For months now we have been hearing we are working on the problem, yet nothing happens. We still sit with a box that does not do what the specs say it will do. Worse than that, the box is still being marketed and sold as a high-end streamer capable of playing all Video and Audio formats. And finally (and perhaps the most frustrating) is the two month intervals that go by before any feedback is given. In fact the only time we get some sort of response, is when we bump this topic to ensure it doesn't fall off the page.
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