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  1. I’ve thrown mine in the Bin. Waste of money. Won’t buy another mygica product ever again. Even running Kodi v16.1 it never ran reliably and the Beta of android 5.1 was unbearable as well. the last thing I did was try to take it back to the last version of KitKat in the hopes that it may still be useable. Too bad your chip manufacturer duped you into making so many of these rubbish boxes. But hey you weren’t the only ones to get screwed by amlogic. to Bad AmLogic don’t release the source code to there boxes for independent devs to work on. Might have got some more life out of them even if the DRM would never work
  2. ATV585 lollipop root Hi there All, does anyone know of a way to root the new lollipop beta? once it is rooted we change the device ID but we would then need to unroot again for certain apps. would be great if this was possible. thanks
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