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  1. Hi Justin, Two things that worked for me: 1-Disabling location services: Removed the icon from the launcher but prevented some apps that require geo-location/geo-fencing to run (not a final solution in my case...) 2-Backup all apps, wipe out the box and upgrade to the latest version: For some reason the glitch appeared when rooting and installing software in my box. After a clean install the glitch was gone. I reinstalled most of the apps but did not root the device again.
  2. Never mind, I found I way to fix my OTA updates. Went to "Manage Applications" selected the Upgrade Software app, cleared its data, cache and forced stop. Then tried again and it worked.
  3. I think manually is my only option. OTA upgrade is not working for me. I've been looking around and the only upgrade I've found is "update_MyGica_ATV495_Pro_wv_5.1_20170324" which I already applied. Am I missing something? How do I get V1.3?
  4. As soon as I click on "Manual update now" the application quits...
  5. Where do I get V1.3? Could you please share a link?
  6. That's funny I am running 5.1.1 (see attachment)
  7. I am using the MyGica Launcher. I am located in Canada. I have attached a screenshot.
  8. Hi There, Three weeks ago I got an ATV945PRO. Shortly after I updated the firmware with "update_MyGica_ATV495_Pro_wv_5.1_20170324" and still see the weather icon problem when enabling location services. Location services has to be enabled for many applications to work. Is there anyway to solve this annoyance? Thanks.
  9. Hello there, Has anybody been successful in using a Logitech F710 with the 495 Pro? I have installed the latest firmware version and still not being able to make it work. Has support being added? Thanks.
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