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    Upgrading Firmware & Kodi 17 Fork

    Justin - I've obviously done something wrong and I need to trouble you for assistance. I clicked on both the links and both of the IMG files downloaded - I could see them in the downloads but not open them. When I went into Upgrade the Local upgrade couldn't see them. What step am I missing? Thanks so much
  2. DarrenC


    Perfect Thanks! That's what I'll do unless I run into trouble between now and then. I totally understand I'll eventually have to buy a more modern box, but I'm sure grateful for the help in keeping this one working as long as possible.
  3. DarrenC


    Thank you Justin! May I ask - what's the major differences between 17.0 and 17.1? Should I be upgrading even if 17.0 is working for me right now?
  4. DarrenC

    Kodi 17 - Lollipop requirement

    This is great news thank you.
  5. Kevin, is that you? If it isn't you two should really get together - you'd communicate well since you both have the same grade 4 grammar skills, like to use big words you don't understand and make the same hyperbolic threats.
  6. "you either work for them or are nuts!" Definitely don't work for them. Nuts is debatable any given day. "the problem is updating the android os!" You bought a machine powered by KitKat. All operating systems go obsolete (admittedly google does it at a blinding pace). While it's decent of MyGica to try and put together a workable upgrade, I don't think any manufacturer is obligated to do so, and being slow or unable to doesn't make it a problem. "yes i purchase mine late december and have had problems with finding reliable feeds! " Why did you purchase an OS that was already on the way out? KitKat was already 3 1/2 years old and Kodi 17 had already been anounced. "we have had had so many promises that have not been provided." I'm obviously not qualified as to what you may or may not have been promised. Who exactly did you extract these promises from? "ROI! funny, your quantative measurement is skewed when you compare other android boxes we could have purchased and not have these issues. " Nothing skewed at my end - I paid around $150 for the box and have easily watched at least $1500 worth of entertainment on it since February 2016. Minimum 1000% return "further, mygica false advertised making promises that do not apply to the 586. they are still working on them." Once again, I don't know what you were promised or what wasn't delivered. For my part, I bought the box for a purpose and it held up its end of the bargain. "after purchasing several mygica boxes, I will NEVER purchase anything from this company again!" I'm sure they'll miss you. "I have referred Wetek to literally hundreds of my friends verbally and through social media to them." Why wouldn't you just buy one yourself instead of referring them to everyone else? "Othwr than here, I haven't bad talked mygica however that will change!" If you say so, although hard to believe since you give Wetek the hard sell. "enjoy your box while you can. " I believe I stated that's exactly what I'm doing. When the day comes I can't anymore it still owes me nothing. I've received more than fair value.
  7. Registered and signed on to ask what the F^%$& is wrong with you people?!!! I've had my 586 since February 2016 and Jarvis just stopped getting watchable feeds last night. A simple google search brought me here, helped me identify the problem, sideload the MyGica Media Center Fork and I was back in business within a half hour. Who knows how long it will last, but even if last night had been the end I would have happily purchased an updated box - the ROI from my original $150-ish expenditure is easily a thousand percent from the entertainment we have received relatively hassle-free the last 15+ months. In a world where a movie ticket is almost 15 bucks, how much do you expect out of this little piece of budget equipment? Jeez.. For those who bought a antiquated machine recently, I feel your pain but that's not the manufacturer's fault. Technology is never static, obsolescence is always pending and the consumer needs to take responsibility for his/her own research and purchasing decisions. The information is available to anyone. You wouldn't buy an IPhone 4S then blame Apple, would you? Justin - you're patiently tolerating a lot of vitriol from victim-minded whiners. You went over and above with the MMC Fork and my family is very appreciative. Whenever this little box has nothing left to give I will be an enthusiastic MyGica returning customer. Nolite te bastardes carborundum - Keep the faith!