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    very bad stutter on video

    tried all this. force stopped and disabled airplay seemed help a bit. CPU-Z says thermal is between 68 - 80C. only time i see it at 58C is if i just turn the box on after its been off for a while.
  2. OurGicaTV

    very bad stutter on video

    I've tried factory reset before. i'll try again and also check temp.
  3. OurGicaTV

    very bad stutter on video

    very bad stutter on video I've had my ATV1900pro for just over a month now. it has very bad stuttering issue on panning video and video with motion. almost like its skipping frames. i see this on Kodi, youtube, and CTVgo app. it has the latest v1.3 in it and is wired directly to my router. tried all kinds of different combinations of settings on the box and kodi and my TV. My previous box from another company was very smooth with the same tv and wiring and router. i'm very disappointed with this product and can't even watch anything on it as this stuttering is so irritating. i'm thinking it is defective. can you please advise on what i can do with it. thanks