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  1. HDMI and optical has the same issue... I've tried both. Running Kodi 17.6
  2. Umaguma

    1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    Ok, I'm running MyGicaS905V1.30. Android version 5.1.1. Problem happens either with HDMI or optical. I managed to"eliminate" this issue by turning the "pass through" option "off" in the Kodi app itself. Before I did this though, the problem would always start within Kodi and then all other apps would be affected (YouTube, Spotify etc...). Then I would have to reboot the box (more the once) for the problem to go away temporary.
  3. Umaguma

    Unable To pair YouTube To Mobile

    Perfect. That did the trick. Thanks.
  4. Umaguma

    Unable To pair YouTube To Mobile

    Ok, I get that. That is obvious. But how do we get the youtube tv app for the mygica?
  5. Unable To pair YouTube To Mobile Hi, I am have a hard time trying to pair YouTube on my mobile to YouTube be on my 1900 pro. The is absolutely no option on mygica YouTube app in setting to"FIND" the tv code... Rather it wants me to enter the code as if the 1900 pro is the mobile!!!! Any help is appreciated.
  6. Umaguma

    1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    I have the same issue