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  1. Patnair

    Sounds stops working or is messed uo

    Sorry ... My TV don't have an optical out. Reverted to Krypton 17.4 ... everything works perfect
  2. Patnair

    Sounds stops working or is messed uo

    Have the same issue after installing Kodi 17.6. Sound completely gone after opening Kodi 17.6 Krypton. Tried google play store version and Kodi website version After a reboot, sound works fine for all apps. But the moment I open Kodi, sound is gone. none of the apps will have sound until a reboot. Box connected to TV via HDMI and Polk soundbar via SPDIF
  3. Patnair

    Netflix HD

    Which version of Android TV apk where do I download
  4. Patnair

    Netflix HD????????

    Where do I get this version of Netflix could you send me a link