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  1. Hey Justin The screen black out issue is resolved I dont know whether you had send an OTA or if it is because I selected YCBCr422 in color space settings under display > screen resolution menu But since yesterday the navigation buttons on Mygica remote doesn't respond in Netflix app. The buttons work well in all other apps
  2. Appreciate if you can fix Harmony remote issue
  3. Yes ... the screen issue is when I power on/off by any means Including mygica remote ... there is no standby option on power menu .... only power off....so I have to keep it on all the time Harmony remote cannot power on/off, okay/select buttons dont work Back and navigation buttons work
  4. Is any options on Display settings ... like color, resolution etc going to help?
  5. I was able to update last night .... Thanks ..... I was trying the SD card in wrong way .... LOL But now I have the same problem as OP. The booting android screen is green and blacks out once booted. If I unplug and re-plug HDMI everything works. Also I have a harmony hub remote ...Power and some other buttons (OK, back etc) stopped working after update
  6. Hi Justin I am trying to install the beta....but no package can be seen in sd card
  7. Sorry ... My TV don't have an optical out. Reverted to Krypton 17.4 ... everything works perfect
  8. Have the same issue after installing Kodi 17.6. Sound completely gone after opening Kodi 17.6 Krypton. Tried google play store version and Kodi website version After a reboot, sound works fine for all apps. But the moment I open Kodi, sound is gone. none of the apps will have sound until a reboot. Box connected to TV via HDMI and Polk soundbar via SPDIF
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