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  1. Unfortunately even that won't work. The video is now skipping and jumpy. Tried to watch spacego last night without success. I am still waiting for the Chinese to get back to my email. I am not holding my breath. I am trying out a fire stick. The Amazon stuff works. Not having great luck with sideloading the Ctv city or other go apps. They load but have various issues when I try to run them.
  2. 495 pro has multiple issues (standby, failed firmware update,...) 1. I have had the device for about 6 weeks. About a week ago the standby button on the remote became flaky. Now it wont work at all. To start the unit I have to unplug it and plug it back in. When I press the button the remote lights flash which suggests to me it is not the remote but something in the device no longer responding to the remote. 2. Very unreliable when streaming. When using Chrome to any Canadian live TV sites e.g BTToronto.ca or Global Now the stream may start but within a minute will fail with an error that there are errors in the stream. . Netflix has also started to give me issues with the stream going black or having the spinning circle that require I reboot the device and restart shows. These activities work fine from my Windows 10 PC. 3. I tried to update to March build. The instructions are poor. It does not mention that the download must first be unpacked before putting it on the USB stick. The update seemed to work but the date of the build was not modified. It is still June or July (forget which but it did not change). The only thing that did change was that the browser was gone so I had to install Chrome. All in all I am finding the device to be more trouble than I expected or want to deal with but since I only had 14 days to return it to Canada Computers I m now stuck with it. Any help would be appreciated..
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