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  1. I've also bought a CVBS to HDMI converter and the result is surely better but the audio still be 0.5s out of sync for the entire recorded video and the video size result in 16/9 even if the original video is 4/3 at 720p. Anyway, i see no help at all here so i'm planning to return the device back .Mat
  2. Audio and Video not syncronized My HD Cap X start recording correctly after updating the firmware to the latest one found here in the forum but a problem remain. The audio and video in the generated file go progressively out of sync. I've a generated file of about 1.68GB (57m 26s). The audio stop at 56m and the video continue to go for the rest of the video. During the playback you can see that video go progressively out of sync with the audio. I'm recording from the CVBS input (720p) to an external USB HD and i was trying to digitalize my old VHS. Unfortunatly this problem make impossible to obtain the hoped result :(( Please help. Thanks .Mat