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  1. alex999999

    How to update ATV 586 to Android 5.1

    How to update ATV 586 to Android 5.1
  2. alex999999

    mygica ATV329x setup

    If your remote isn't responding then take a battery out and then hold the power button while simultaneously replace the battery well holding the button.
  3. alex999999

    Overheating in case

    Had to remove the 4x rubber pads. They just stick on. Underneath those pads were screws. Unplug everything even USB devices from your box before you open it. Then separate the bottom and carefully pry out the main board. The foam pad is the one that has the chip that gets hot and that's the one I will change with good thermal paste and a raspberry pi heat sink. Look on YouTube for how to apply thermal paste. A little goes a long way and make sure it's a thin spread. Obviously this voids your warranty so don't do this if your in warranty just get it repaired.
  4. alex999999

    Android update???

    I updated my 586 with the 585/600 beta fw 5.1 located here: I did it because they appear to all share the same specs. The update was a success but the TV Tuner part is gone. I however have Kodi 17.6 installed which makes the box usable but I had to disable a lot of background apps that were not necessary. Also I don't know if it was necessary but i changed the name of the .img file to update_Mygica_ATV586_5.1_20170612.img I put this on a usb key and updated it through the update part in settings.
  5. alex999999

    Overheating in case

    Imo this could be a problem that's causing choppy video playback also.
  6. alex999999

    Overheating in case

    Overheating in case There is a problem with these boxes and overheating that slowes down the device or freezes it or even reboots. I took the board out of the case and it's been fine ever since. I think the foam heatsink is the problem and it's not letting the main chip cool off properly. Anyway if your like me and having these problems this may help. I will try replacing the heatsink with some new thermocompound and an aluminum heat sink.
  7. alex999999

    Root access

    Remove Eshare apk or give me ROOT permissions to remove it myself..
  8. alex999999

    Root access

    Sigh. Guess I can still return it at walmart.
  9. alex999999

    Root access

    Root access I would like to be able to remove items such as the eshare and other things that slow down my box. I need root access to do that. Also, Because of Eshare my kid figured how to make an unprotected hotspot for his friends but I didn't notice this until recently. Anyone could have used our internet because of this app which is not what I want and I don't think anyone else would too.