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  1. mygica1960 this is the second mygica 1960 ive had I swoped out the first one cause it was utter crap now the second one keeps defaulting to Chinese please help
  2. Hi Justin it could also be your resolution settings if you’ve changed them at all it effects the box allot I had to unplug use a older led tv reset to non hdr resolution then reset it up on my newer tv
  3. MyGica 1960 reboot goes to setup everytime Hi every time I switch my 1960 off then on again later it goes streight to the choose a language initial boot up screen then it reverts to a Vietnamese or Japanese dialect on screen I have to manually go in and redo the setings everytime also I switched on the aito magic HDR feature and it switched the screen into toggle on and off constantly I had to unplug go to a older he led tv and redo settings to 1080x 60 hrz what is wrong this unit is brand new
  4. Slow and buffering I have a 1900 pro and I've downloaded a speed test onto the apps when I test it it runs at 200 mbps but when bingo into a kodi app covenant and want to watch a movie or series it buffer badly what could the reason be is there a setting or somthinhmf I need to change in running it via hdmi into a 4k tv atv60 hz
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