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  1. Hi there, tha ks for the quick response. I’ll check to see if it’s working with other apps. The optical cable works fine with everything else. I was in Kodi changing the spdif settings when it worked for a brief time. Let me check and get back to you.
  2. Mygica 1900 audio issues Hi there. I have an optical cable going from my HTC to my tv. When I watch cable no problem Anything into an HDMI on the tv works plays audio through the home theatre. Apple TV, no problem. My box won’t play audio. I put my optical from the home theatre directly into the box and set it to spdif and it worked, but only for a bit. Now it won’t work that way at all. Any thoughts? I’d love to be able to just pick the HDMI in and audio follows the input device but I can’t get it to work. Been at this for hours.... nick
  3. Yes thank you! All I had to do was turn off Ethernet. Sigh...
  4. I figured it out. Ignore me!
  5. Wifi / Ethernet Hi there, serious noob here. I had an old box that died and bought a 1900 today. On my old box I had wifi and an expanded plugged into the Ethernet port and into my wall. No issues. Now I finally figured out with the 1900 I can only use one or the other. So I use wifi, connects, password ok (as I now have the Ethernet unplugged. Updated Kodi to 17.5 in google play. Now when I go into add a source in kodi it says I’m not connected, but I am. I’ve used kodi before and done the standard toggle to allow external sources, checked wifi again and all good. It just won’t let me add a source, period. Many suggestions would be greatly appreciated! nick
  6. Hi there. I’m experiencing the same thing. When I’m in kodi and go to add a source it says I’m not connected. Ethernet is disables and wifi connected but still no deal. Any thoughts? I’ve used kodi quite a bit and had no issues with other boxes. I bought my 1900 today. Help please!! nick
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