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  1. I still don't understand. I'm trying to get to this screen shown below. I'm sorry for swearing, I get want to fix my problem. Thanks.
  2. PLEASE, can you respond!!!! TERRIBLE tech support!!! You guys are F$#KING useless!
  3. Still can't see my open apps. All I see is the quick settings bar. e.g. wifi, Bluetooth, silent mode... Please help!!
  4. When I pull down from the top it only shows my notifications not my apps,
  5. Please help me, MyGica! Why don't you respond to my messages??? >:-(
  6. Switching between open apps. How do you switch between open apps with the MyGica ATV 1900 pro?
  7. Please HELP! I don't know what to do next. I tried calling MyGica but they won't answer my call. Very bad support!!! Please answer my calls!!!!
  8. Switching between apps? Hi, How do you switch between apps? I want to see all my apps that are open and select an app to open or remove an app to close. Thanks.
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