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  1. Heita

    ATV495X KR-21 remote

    я не понимаю вопроса
  2. Heita

    ATV495X KR-21 remote

    спасибо :) Я использовал google translate. ценю вашу помощь
  3. Heita

    ATV495X KR-21 remote

    ATV495X KR-21 remote Hi I've just bought a my gica 495x 4k quadcore. It came with a KR-21 remote, however it didn' come with the tiny usb part to plug into the my gica device so that the air mouse can work. Does the remote in this version come with air mouse functionality? At the moment I have to click on the mouse icon on the remote and then I have to use the arrow keys on the remote to navigate the mouse... Please can you give me feedback so I can follow up with the supplier if they "short supplied" me goods. Thanks