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    MYgica Atv495x

    Hi Justin, It's never happened before. I used to have the unit connected via LAN cable, but then bought the 1900 for my lounge area and moved the 495x to my bedroom, and connect it via wifi. Ever since the update, I barely have good wifi connectivity. I've also changed the router settings to channel 6 which has made a slight increase in signal strength. So confusing as my phone has great wifi signal in my bedroom.
  2. Dman83

    MYgica Atv495x

    Hi All, Is this the new firmware for the 495x? I recently upgraded the firmware (I'm a newbie when it comes to this) but have noticed that the unit has difficulty trying to connect to the wifi. My phone has full wifi signal but the 495x barely has one bar. Not quite sure what to do in this instance.
  3. Hi All, Thank you so much for sharing the version, it works.
  4. Hi All, My DSTV Now app also stopped working and when I made contact with DSTV, they politely replied: "Well D, it shouldn't have worked to begin with, the app has never supported the device.~HBB" I know this has been asked before but how do you revert back to the old version? TIA