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  1. HDMI Problem after 7.1 Update Hi guys, Recently bought an ATV495x - couldn't get anything bigger so settled for this one, First problems experienced on 6.0 was WiFi networks, after a reboot or wakeup the Network was gone, then had to connect to my second router, next day could connect to my first router again and so on. Figured this might be a glitch as my network is perfect, thus decided to upgrade to 7.1. After the upgrade, I get to the Nougat sign and thereafter a black screen. During bootloaders and recovery imaging is perfect, but not after booting. Thought I bricked it and after several reflashes and reboots got to a language selection screen, moved right and display dropped again. Eventually got it to work with a very short cable connected to my projector (4K Hdmi2.0), and Image seems ok although I still have handshake problems. On 6.0 never had this problem on a very long HDMI cable, no sync issues, no dropped handshakes, just perfect playback. I know for a fact that the cable is perfect as it works flawlessly on other devices. Could the 7.1 upgrade affect HMDI Sync? Lastly, how to revert back to 6.0 as a last resort? Seems all the files I found lacks additional files to flash. Anyone with similar problems or advice? Regards, CinBW
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