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  1. Yes, my tv has av and hdmi (i had tested on 3 different tvs and all with the same result) i didn't understand well, first i need to hook up the snes on by a/v and then to the cvbs port on the mygica and then output to the tv via hdmi right? Because i did that several times and i just get a black screen and no sound
  2. Hi!, Yes, is with the correct settings, input and res, i'm hooking my snes directly to the capture card. I tried to record the snes with the hd cap x (without seeing anything on my tv) and it records fine (but i dont have any video on my tv to play) I tried with diferent cables (hdmi for the caprture card and different snes video cables) and does the same thing, also with my ps1, i have the same issue with it If you need i can send video of the issue
  3. CVBS No Image Hi! it's the first time that i have a problem with my capture card but when i plug my Super Nintendo on the capture card it doesn't display image or sound (except for one of my tv's on wich sound works but no image) do anyone knows how to solve the problem or have the same one?
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